Hervé Gambs Herbe Intese (Intense Grass) Candle

It's been a hot, steamy summer. Today, we finally had a little bit of a break and I'm craving something fresh. I don't normally gravitate towards grass scented candles, but the Hervé Gambs Herbe Intese (Intense Grass) Candle seem just right.  And it was!

"Vivifying nature through which the freshly cut grass reveals the plant purity of the tree."

It's one of those fragrances that you don't notice right away in the room, but when you step out and come back in your taken aback by its beauty.  Clear and serene but also invigorating.  It makes you feel good inside and smile on the outside.  

This fragrance immediately hit my list of scents that most impressed me.  It is so well balanced and refined.  Rarely do I call a fragrance a masterpiece, but Herve Gambs Intense Grass is exactly that. 

The first thing that comes to mind is super soft grass that feels like velvet when you run your fingers up it.  Break it in half and smell the inside.  Fresh and pure.  Natural. There's also something slightly soapy about this scent that gives a clean appeal.  The Herve Gambs Intense Grass candle is perfect for afternoon company or anytime you want to brighten your space or your mood.  

I love the simple white vessel for this fragrance.  It's the perfect elegant and chic touch to this sophisticated scent.  The Herbe Intense candle by Herve Gambs would make a fantastic gift.  Clean and fresh

Fragrance intensity 3.5/5.  Burn quality 4/5.  

Hervé Gambs candles offer an intimate and personal olfactory experience of the nature world fragrances. Poured in a gloss white container with creamy white wax. Entirely made in France. 


  1. Just be glad you weren't in the same room as me when I squealed just now. This is right up my alley... I'm obsessed with grass scents. In fact, I'm STILL trying to track down a bottle of vintage Jovan Grass Oil (mom used to wear it, and I would sneak some occasionally).

    1. Carrie - You must try this one! I've never smelled a grass candle that is anywhere near as amazing as this one. Definitely one of the best fragrances I've ever come across. Just perfection. I loath the scent of "fresh cut grass" candles. This is one is not sweet at all. It's effortless and elegant.


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