Jonathan Adler Pop Sugar Candle

Before we got into home fragrance I was a baker. At one point I worked at a gourmet catering company in the bakery department.  One of the signature deserts was creme brulee cheesecake with brittle topping.  We would make caramelized sugar, let it harden on a sheet pan, and then break it into brittle for a dramatic display on top of the cheesecake.

After making 60 or so of those cheesecakes, I really got to know the smell of caramelized sugar.  There is a point just before it burns when the fragrance gets really deep and the color turns golden.  Wait a few seconds too long and the whole this turns black, smells bitter and burns.  But catch it at it's peak and it's heaven! That is what the Jonathan Adler Sugar candle smells like to me.  Perfectly caramelized sugar.  Warm and comforting.

I'm a sugar addict, so I could layer this candle with just about anything, like:
What would you layer Sugar with?

Burn quality 4/5. Fragrance intensity 4.5/5.


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