Carrière Frères Gardenia Tahitensis (Tiare Gardenia) Candle

The Carrière Frères Gardenia Tahitensis candle features the Polynesian tiare - the national flower of Tahiti. Tiare is amongst the most famous gardenias with a scent reminiscent of tuberose.
In true Carriere Freres form, they created a most elegant tiare gardenia fragrance.  It's somewhat powdering and exceedingly feminine.  It reminds me of an exquisite bathroom in a 5 star hotel.  Opulent, indulgent and shimmering with fine touches - overly plush clean towels, an abundance of mirrors and luxurious hand and body cream.  The pièce de résistance?  A powder puff so full, soft, and insanely girly.  

(As an aside - when I was a kid I used to love to play with my Mom's powder puff.  One day I covered my face with dusting powder trying to emulate the white-as-snow look during the Madonna era.  When she caught me she critiqued that powder is for your body - not your face.  I knew that.  Didn't she know Madonna?)  

Back to the bathroom - on the counter is a crystal vase overflowing with gardenias.  Breath deep and you're surrounded by the velvet soft and clean feel of the crisp white petals.  Ahhhhh....  Sometimes the hotel is the best part of a vacation. 

Burn quality 4/5.  Fragrance intensity 1/5.