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Cool Down with Candles?

On the surface, it almost doesn’t make sense. How can one cool off on a hot day by essentially lighting a small fire? I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have heard, “It’s hotter than an oven outside, what are you doing lighting a candle?” Or, “I knew you had a slight candle problem, but it’s 100 degrees outside and you’re holding a lit match? The problem just got serious.”

Luckily, these comments are just white noise to me because I learned long ago that summer and candles go hand-in-hand. Of course, a flame is hot to the touch. But the cool, watery tones of a beautiful blended fragrance dancing in the air all around you can literally soothe the soul.

I have the same experience every year during the spring. Suddenly I find myself drifting away from the seemingly endless need of gourmand comfort scents. Like a pregnant lady in an ice cream store, the craving strikes with fury — I know exactly what I want and I want it now so you might want to clear the path. I need fresh florals.

Now, I have never been a huge fan of the “standard” floral. Every once in a while, a traditional and pure floral blend will enchant me. But this blog has been specifically reserved for a unique genre of florals that have carved out their own niche in the present market as the perfect summertime companion: The watery floral.

In my opinion the truly refreshing watery floral is a mighty fine task to accomplish. There cannot be any cloying notes of powder, and the earthiness must be minimal. Instead, the successful watery floral is like a sweet refreshment. A water lily floating on a shaded pond. Small fragrant blossoms surrounding a roaring waterfall. A surprising rainstorm on the hottest day of the year. This is how I prefer to cool off — through the power of smell.

While many respectable candle makers have conquered the fabulous watery floral, from LAFCO to Voluspa, here are three of my all-time favorite picks.

NEST Fragrances. Peony Blanche. 
Leave it to NEST to be able to create one of the cleanest, liveliest florals I have ever encountered. Peony Blanche doesn’t stop at peony — it is millions of sweet peony blossoms floating in the freshest, most crystal clear water on the planet. It’s a blend that somehow manages to be as sweet and enchanting as it is fresh and clean. Like a breath of fresh air with a teasing hint of jasmine, magnolia and lily, Peony Blanche will keep you coming back for more. The throw is incredible. Your entire home will be perfectly refreshed.

Aura Candles. Lucid.
Lucid is a hidden tropical sanctuary. It’s a hidden waterfall in an exotic rain forest surrounded by the sweet smells of paradise. The watery notes of lotus flower combine with freesia to form a very sugary sweet, almost watermelon-like sensation. A touch of celery adds to the watery vibe of this blend. This candle definitely takes me to a cool and calm, peaceful place when burning. Extend your summer vacation with Lucid.

Jason Wu and NEST Fragrances. Orchid Rain.
Another divine NEST creation, Orchid Rain is a unique masterpiece that is new to the candle world. The watery notes are so prominent in this blend, perfectly accenting the sweet touch of neroli blossom and soft white orchid. Orchid Rain has a twist though — pomegranate makes it a bit fun and fruity, pink pepper adds just the smallest hint of spice, and coconut brings comfort and relaxation to the table. Orchid Rain is one of the most versatile watery florals I have discovered — it’s cooling on a warm day, but it also comes alive when it’s cloudy and raining outside. The ceramic vessel is stunning and stylish. If you love Jason Wu as a fashion designer, then don’t think twice — you will fall in love with his candle in an instant.

What candles do you like to cool down with?


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