Top Fan November 2011 - Bonnie Jacobs

Guest Post by Bonnie Jacobs
Our Facebook Top Fan for November 2011 as rated by Booshaka

I have been a candle lover for several years. There is just something so relaxing about coming home after a long day and watching a movie with a fantastic smelling home.

I also love to travel and my candles almost always come with me. I just love that Voluspa makes so many fragrance choices in tins.  They are great as I can just toss them in my suitcase and not worry about them breaking.

One of my all time favorite memories was during my first time to Maui. Sitting outside listening to the gentle sound of the falling rain, looking at the beautiful palm trees with the Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa 3-wick tin.  Yes I am probably the only person to take a chocolate candle with me to a tropical destination but I just adore my gourmand fragrances.

I am grateful for Candles Off Main. They run a lot of fun contests and have excellent customer service. I also love that they are really generous about sending scent sniffies which gives customers a chance to see what things smell like before purchasing.

My 3 Favorite Products at Candles Off Main

Aquiesse Sandalwood Vanille
I would be lost without this candle. When you are having one of those days this is my favorite go to candle. There is just something magical about this. When I light it I just melt and everything just kind of disappears.

Nest Wild Oats & Bourbon I just love gourmand fragrances and in my opinion this is one of the best on the market. There is just nothing like the scent of oats with a touch of ginger and bourbon. Simply fabulous! Nest candles amazed me from the first time I burned one because they are incredibly clean burning (have never seen any soot on the jar) and have the most amazing scent throw. (Since I can only choose three candles I will try to sneak in a little something extra. Shhh don’t tell! ;) I absolutely love layering candles so try burning this with Nest Pumpkin Chai it is just heavenly!)

Nest Tahiti Vanille
This is the best vanilla candle I have ever smelled and one of my favorite candles of all time. This isn’t your boring run of the mill vanilla you smell vanilla, white chocolate, and a touch of rum and caramel. It is a fabulous blend! I had to have a backup of this before I would even light the first one I loved it that much.