Aquiesse Embers Candle

New to the Aquiesse Portfolio Collection is the new Embers fragrance. It's a blend of blend of saffron, cardamom, English leather, tobacco, olibanum, and musk. If you like spicy, masculine fragrances - this one is for you.

The saffron and cardamom come across very strong initially, but what I like about this fragrance is exactly what Aquiesse excels at - the ability to balance a fragrance so it doesn't lean to heavily in any one direction.

The bold and strong spicy notes are comforted by a soft foundation of olibanum and musk. The leather and tobacco add to the masculine feel and provide rich character. This fragrance is warming and relaxing. It would be perfect for a den, office or bachelor pad.

If I were to give this fragrance a:

Color - Medium brown like a milk chocolate bar
Age - 48 (for the fragrance, not the purchaser)
Celebrity - Clint Eastwood
Name - Moroccan Leather
Place - the Middle East
Room - Den
Time of Day - Anytime
Weather - Gray Skies, 50 degrees

Given the description, when would you use this fragrance?

If you've tried this fragrance, do you agree or disagree with my description?

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