Juliette Has a Gun Candles

Juliette Has a Gun was launched in 2006 by Romano Ricci. The Gun is a metaphor for the perfume – a weapon of seduction or simple accessory of bluff – and symbolizes the liberation of women towards men. Sometimes with a taste for revenge… But the concept is also influenced by romanticism. A modern version where reinventing couples and femininity is a constant quest.

Juliette Has a Gun is best known for their perfumes Lady Vengeance and Miss Charming, but they recently launched a new candle line with 3 fragrances:

Lucifer is a bonfire scent. Where Votivo Smoke on the Water focuses on the damp ashes from a fire and Lafco Feu de Bois brings out the wood in a fire, Lucifer is the smoke that billows from a great outdoor bonfire. Simple and pure this one, like the others, is true and unadulterated.

Did you know that Lucifer means “Light-Bringer” in Latin? Interesting…. If there’s a Jesus, how could there not be a Lucifer? How could White exist without its opposite Black? Aren’t we all made out of dark matter? Of course we are… and that’s exactly what makes us human. The essential incoherence of the soul. As for this candle, Romano Ricci wanted it to smell like a familiar future place.

Marilyn is femininity at its best - all cosmetic and lipstick in fragrance. It's youthful and clean without being aged or powdery.
She wanted to be loved by you… and she was. Marilyn Monroe personified Glamour with her alluring beauty and voluptuous curves. But Marilyn was more that a ‘50’s sex goddess. She dominated the age of movie stars to become, without question, the most famous woman of the 20th century. With it’s powdery lipstick note, this candle is dedicated to her, so that she can live with us a little longer.

Mary Jane is pure hash. Another simple, on-point fragrance. Where Jonathan Adler Hashish is slightly sweet and Modern Alchemy Opium Den is somewhat tobacco oriented, the Juliette Has a Gun Mary Jane candle is hashish in its most raw form.

What a lovely name for such a malicious substance… Also called hashish, or hash, the resin composed of compressed marijuana has been used by men for five thousand years. When inhaled, one is supposed to be suddenly gifted with a certain happiness, to be feeling more artistic, more just, more noble. So, marijuana at the heart of men’s imagination? According to French writer Charles Baudelaire, it might even be responsible for our taste for Infinity.

All of the Juliette Has a Gun candles are poured in a silver container with the story of the fragrance embellished on the side. Each candle lasts approximately 50 hours for $58.


  1. I had NO idea that they made candles, too. We sell their fragrance in the store that I work at. It's very popular and a lot of people like it because it's not widely known, so it's exclusive. I want to try Mary Jane (isn't that naughty!?!?)

  2. I love the vessels!

  3. Lucifer is FANTASTIC! A spicy, unique, naughty blend. It was my favorite out of the samples that I tried, by far.

  4. Strangely-Marilyn has been my favorite of these fragrances. I agree with Dave about how it smells like lipstick. It really does! Me likey & I don't even wear lipstick....often.


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