Champagne Candles

Champagne is a great fragrance to turn any day into a celebration. Whether your partying, snuggling or prepping for a romantic evening, this effervescent scent will instantly get you in the mood for wherever the night takes you.

Voluspa Crisp Champagne is the first champagne scent that comes to mind. Voluspa blends sparkling champagne with vanilla for a touch of sweetness which makes it a popular option. The oak helps ground the scent to make it comforting and relaxing. With it's neutral and crowd-pleasing appeal, this scent blends with just about anything else. Try it with Figue de Bordeaux, Santiago Huckleberry or any other favorite Volupsa scent to create your personal mix. Crisp Champagne is available in a variety of candle sizes as well as room spray and petite diffuser.

Voluspa also offers their Vintage fragrance as part of the James Boyce Collection. They removed the vanilla note and added more oak. Imagine sipping champagne in the barrel room of a fine winery. Heaven. This candle is packaged in an attractive wooden box with wax seal similar to a wine cask. So pretty!

The most zesty champagne candle is by Lafco. Their Penthouse candle features a champagne scent blended with grapefruit for a fresh and lively fragrance. This bubbly scent also has hints of ginger and raspberry. Mouthwatering. Lafco candles are poured in a hand-blown glass vessel that will become a keepsake for generations. This over-sized soy wax candle lasts 100 hours.

Another amazing champagne candle is by Belle Fleur. The Celebration candle is a blend of fresh muguet and a hint of candied ginger. The cold throw on this candle comes across like the most decedent champagne fruit punch. When lit, the bubbly effervescence comes alive and it's as if you are sipping sparkling champagne right out of the glass as the bubbles tickle your nose. It doesn't get better than that.

Pick a night. Any night. And celebrate with a champagne candle. The more the merrier!


  1. Is this the company that makes the "Montauk" candle? I would love to try it now that I vacation here!!

  2. Love this post! Belle Fleur's Celebration candle is one of the most bubbly champagne based fragrances I have tried. Soooooooo sparkly and fun. I loved burning it! :)

    You can never go wrong with Voluspa's Crisp Champagne either. I have gifted it several times and it's always a crowd pleaser.

  3. MMMMMM champagne candles! Belle Fleur is a fantastic champagne blend, one of the best! However i am dying to try the Lafco Penthouse blend. The Voluspa James Boyce Vintage is pretty spot on when it comes to sparkling wine, beautiful notes. Unfortunately, Voluspa Crisp Champagne is not one of my top favorite champagne blends. It's a bit too sweet and powdery for me. I love the fragrance, it's just not very champagne-y to me.


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