Aura Cosmic is Out Of This World

Cosmic: limitless; grandiose. A creamy and scrumptious blend of blood orange, vanilla bean, vanilla orchid & amber.

Cosmic is definitely one of my favorite fragrances by Aura Candles. If you love blood orange and vanilla, be sure to give this one a try. I was immediately taken by it's delicious scent. It's my go-to candle anytime I need something uber fragrant and super yummy without being too sweet.

I love how Aura uses juicy blood orange essential oil for a super fresh and vibrant fragrance. The earthy vanilla bean makes it comforting and the touch of amber deepens the scent but doesn't overwhelm. The fragrances blend harmoniously and the result is perfection.

Aura candles burn easily and completely. The soy wax blend burns clean leaving very little residue on the glass. I even posted a photo so you can see how cleanly and completely they burn. One thing I love about Aura candles is that I know I will be able to smell them. I'm never let down with the intensity of the scent.

Burn quality: 4.5/5. Fragrance intensity 4/5.