Valentine's Day

Not sure what to get this Valentine's Day? Here are some things we love for this special and fun holiday.

Red Flower Lavender Bath & Body Oil for a sensual massage or add a few drops to your bath for a relaxing retreat. Oh la la.

Soak with a Beau Bain Coconut Lemongrass Bath Bomb to make your muscles turn to mush. Ahhhh..... I love this fragrance (even though I normally hate coconut) and it includes sandalwood which is an aphrodisiac. Bonus.

The Tocca Perfume Viaggio will make any girl giddy. Three adorable perfume bottles in Tocca's Florence, Cleopatra and Stella fragrances. Love.

The Red Flower Moroccan Rose candle - Oh, the things you can do with the petals to add romance to your relationship - sprinkle across the table for a romantic dinner, add some to a love letter, put in a sachet for your lingerie drawer... Red Flower candles have a beautiful glow to them when they burn adding to the ambiance.

I'm not a huge floral fan myself, so I go for the more sultry scents like Belle Fleur Kyara Clove. I love the mix of woods and vintage leather for a relaxing and grounding effect. Can't beat sophisticated and sexy.

If you're not into fragrance, dine by candlelight or scatter unscented votive candles around the room for the ultimate romantic evening. Whatever you do - enjoy!