Sugar Jones

For the new year, I'm trying to eat healthier. For me, that means missing all my sweet treats. Since I can't gain weight sniffing, I decided to surround myself in yummy scents to cure my sugar craving.

I'm layering Modern Alchemy Cake Walk with Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa. I love the combination. Since neither are overly sweet, they work well without inducing complete scent sugar coma.
When I smell the Cake Walk candle cold, I feel as though I've stuffed my head inside the box of Pillsbury Vanilla Cake mix. Dry, fatty, vanilla flour heaven. I love it so much I want to eat it. It's far more creamy than sugary but still incredibly indulgent. A girl's best friend.
Burning, it takes a curious twist. Modern Alchemy candles would never resemble a normal cake fragrance, so I shouldn't be surprised, but I wasn't expecting it from the cold throw. Burning, it turns slightly bitter. Almost like when you just cross that line between perfectly caramelized sugar and burnt sugar. I think it's the chicory coming through. Chicory root is used as a coffee substitute and has notes of caramel, chocolate and roasted nuts. It's a nice compliment to sweetness of the Madagascar Vanilla adding a more earthy element. Esthetically, the vessel is stunning and perfectly suited to the fragrance. Thick, frosted, smokey cream glass with subtle etching. One of the prettiest vessels burning.

Fragrance Intensity 2/5. Burn Quality 3/5 - I had to trim the wick frequently and it didn't liquefy to the sides.

The Voluspa Truffle White Cocoa candle was also not as sweet as I was expecting. The fragrance reminds me of when you melt unsweetened chocolate and butter just before you add the sugar for brownies. Chocolate heaven without the belly ache. While I love the name (elegant and perfectly Voluspa) it isn't a match for me. The fragrance isn't as creamy as cocoa and it's definitely not white chocolate. It's more bittersweet chocolate. Chocolate Ganache would be a better fit for a name. It's a very enjoyable sweet fragrance that isn't nauseating.

Fragrance Intensity 3.5/5. Burn Quality 3/5 - for some reason I have to frequently trim the wick on the 10oz Seasons Collection candles. I'm not sure if they changed their wicks when they switched to the coconut new wax formulation a few months ago. My tester was a year old.


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