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One way to win a candle during Tocca giveaway week is by answering the question in this blog post. You have until Sunday, October 10th to post your comment. We'll select our favorite comment from the entries below and announce the winner on Monday, October 11th. Please check back to see if you won.

Tocca fragrances are inspired by classic movie icons and exotic locals. If you were to create a home fragrance line, what would be the theme of your fragrance collection?

The winner will receive a 10.6oz Tocca candle (retail value $36) in a fragrance of our choice. We'll ship the winning candle to any address in the continental US. Good luck!


  1. My line theme would be "newborn baby". Scents would include Lavender, Soft Cotton, Baby Powder, etc..
    Id make them out of soy wax so they are safe for babies to breathe.

  2. if i was to create a home fragrance line it would be an english garden theme in honor of my mother

  3. Oh, my theme would be "Drama". There is always drama going on in this house and family. I am not really sure what scents I would have in it, but they would have to exude a sense of unknowing what is next!?

  4. My home fragrance line would be inspired by different countries and locations around the world. Italy, Tahiti, France- The Eiffel Tower, French countryside, Egypt, the Nile, The Pyramids etc. or...Historical figures, Caesar, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon etc.

  5. I love Dina's answer! I have a few themes. One would be a wine theme. I would create different candles such as sparkling wine, muscat, merlot, shyraz, port, etc. These would be gourmand candles that should be paired with a meal and wine. My other theme would be an artist-inspired line, and I would create candles inspired by Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Lautrec, Degas, etc. (similar to the Paddywax Library collection). One last note: Ryan and I also have plans for a "Soy Vey!" candle line that's gonna rock your world. ;-)

  6. I would create a line of home fragrance based on the most famous bars in the world. The bar plays such an important role in our social lives; your favorite local pub, the hot spot, the quiet bar where meetings of the minds take line would include the following famous bars:
    The Ritz in Paris which is now called The Hemingway Bar. Frequented by Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    Harry's Bar in Venice where Charlie Chaplin and Truman Capote are just a few of its noted clientele.
    The Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford. Its claim to fame is J.R.R. Tolkien came up with the Hobbit after a drink with his author friend C.S. Lewis.
    The fragrances would be rich and stimulating and slightly masculine...wood, soft leather, copper, smoke, aged liquor...and slightly feminine...Chanel perfume, lipstick, facial powder. All of these fragrances co-mingle to create a sexy and slightly mysterious line of home fragrance.

  7. My theme would be libraries. So leather, wood, linen and cottage flowers (why this, I don't know--I guess I'm picturing a library in an English grand home) would prevail.

  8. My theme would be music. That way when I turn on my pandora I can match my candle to the type of songs I choose. If I listened to Jack Johnson I would want to smell something fun and mellow. This way I can hear and smell the mood I wanted to create.

  9. Mine would Caribbean Coastal based on the smells, feelings, sights and relaxation of our Jamaican vacation. Had the best time!

  10. My theme would be the deep woods. Earthy notes and dry wood. Each scent would be a different aspect of the forest: dirt, wood, foliage, mushrooms.

    I love earthy, deep scents and anything that smells (genuinely) like the woods. I'm tired of "woodsy" scents that end up smelling like generic men's cologne. Give me real wood (pine is nice, but I'd focus on other types of wood: oak, cedar, birch, mahogany, etc.) with notes of loamy soil.

  11. I would create a line of candles inspired by cities in California. I would have a candle called Berkeley...that one would be an earthy scent including patchouli and blood orange. I would have one called La Jolla which would be a watery floral. I would have one called San Francisco which would be eclectic including notes of vetiver, lavender, and vanilla.

  12. Ok, So I have a bunch of themes that I mull around in my brain all the time.

    I am just gonna mention a quirky one...I would do a line of Horror-movie inspired candles in honor of Halloween coming up!

    Like "A Nightmare on Elm Street" would have a mix of fir neeldes, balsam, and burning elm leaves.

    Friday The 13th would smell like marshmallows being roasted around the campfire of Camp Crystal Lake.

    Rosemary's Baby would smell like mint, basil and...OF COURSE..Rosemary.

    Jaws would smell like sea salt, sand, ocean water and freesia.

    The Exorcist would smell like the age old scents of a Catholic church. Strong in patchouli and incense.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre would smell like well worn leather (Leather face!).

    Halloween would smell like candy corn & fresh carved pumpkin (with the butcher knife jutting from the head of course! mwa ha ha!).

    Etc. Etc...

    I also like the idea of creating a line of fragrances based around music genres.

    Pop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, New Age, Electronica, Disco...etc...etc..

  13. I can't compete with these entries, just wanted to say Great job everyone, and I would buy them all!

  14. I would create a fragrance line called "Simple Memories" which would include things like fresh mowed grass, hose water (might be a hard one but I love the smell), fresh brewed coffee, cider and donuts, etc.

  15. I would base my fragrance line on my Italian heritage.

    I would have a scent for most of the well known cities in Italy and scents revolving around each of those locations.

    Genoa would be a decadent blend of artisan spices and the rich, creamy chocolates of Viganotti. There would be also be a slight hint of orange zest to add an edge to the scent.

    Sardinia would be a very green scent. Melding the lush, wet grasses of the Sardinian hills with fresh honey and a strong mint note to it.

    Rome would be in ode to all things Holy. It would be a thoroughly spiritual scent. Rich in smoky incense and heady patchouli. I would want this scent to evoke mystery and meditative emotions.

    Venice would revolve around a base note of strong salty ocean breeze intertwining with moss laden stone that line the historic canal walls.

    Sicily, the home of my family, would be a romantic and edgy mix of agarwood, fresh hay, deep myrrh and cedar wood.

    Finally, Tuscany would be all about wine. I would want it to be a rich Sangiovese grape aged in a wood barrel. The rich soil of the landscape would sparkle with the warmth of the sun and a bit of dew drop from the vines would add a light aspect to it.

    That would be my candle line! :)


  16. Island Exotics would be the Theme of my Home Fragrance Line. I just love the scents of the Tropics...Scents like Fresh Ripe Coconut..Sexy Passion Fruit, Juicy Wild-Watermelon, Super Sweet Mango, Wild Grown Fresh Aloe, Wind Blown Palm Trees..Sand-Between-Your-Toes or Maybe even "Sweet and Salty Lemon-Lime Margarita..."Hmmm"..Anything to do with an Exotic Island Getaway something that could make you mind drift away into your own Imagination and have the BEST-TIME Day-Dreaming for even a moment!

  17. I just decided that if I had a home fragrance line that SPIRITUAL Fragrances would be a genius Idea.Fragrances that wouldn't offend the majority..Might be risky but if you study flower or fragrances used in religion..You will see something interesting..And ya never know till you try..The variety of scets could be called Something like..Tower Fresh Buddhist, Hindu Satva Lotus Petal, White Thorn Hindu Apple Scent, Christian Clover Leaf, Catholocism ?

  18. I think my home fragrance line would be inspired by Pets. Yes, we all love them and they are our loyal companions, but we also know how they can sometimes be a little...smelly? (I hate to say it, but there. I did.) It would be nice to have a candle to light to absorb odors (at least until I can give Boris a bath!).

  19. I would do a seasonal line ( I know, so cliche). I like the scents to match the atmosphere. Right now, I smell apples and look forward to going to the orchard.

  20. I think I would launch a line of home fragrances inspired by famous forests around the world. I love scents grounded in deep, rich wood accords so that would be my main inspiration. Some of them would include:

    Where myth and legend become a reality...I would create Sherwood, a scent revolving around England's 450 square foot preserved forest. Robin Hood and his merry men made this dense wooded area there home and the base notes of this fragrance would dwell around the famed and Ancient scent of the Major Oak trees that dominate this lush, green fairy land. The oak would be blended with the scent of Sherwood's blushing pink Wild Orchids and a watery note of lichen to create a perfectly rounded out romantic fragrance.

    Appalachia would be a scent rich in the well known Hemlock trees that dominate the forests of the region. The hemlock would be layered with rich, sweet cinnamon and a cold, almost bitter note of wet soil from the misted over forest floor.

    Next we would journey to Germany where the famed Black Forest still manages to conjure up thoughts of werewolves and witches lurking in it's dark shadows. This scent would be in honor of the thick Pine trees that enclose the forest and give it the black appearance that has made it so famous. The pine would be sweetened by a cherry accord. Cherries are well known through the area and most everyone is familiar with Black Forest Cherry cake nowadays. The wood coming together with the fresh fruit would tantalize the senses.

    Next we would embark on a trip to the lush Cloud Forests of Costa Rica. A tropical rain forest paradise where jaguars and a multitude of other endangered species lurk in the humid, moist area. There would be a very vaporous, wet note to this candle attributed to the constant heat of the jungle foliage. Wet moss and heavy tropical Monstera Deliciosa fruit would come together to create a sweet & savory blend. Deep Green foliage would be accentuated by the warm dew covering it.

    The Redwood Forest would be my favorite of the group. Inspired by the tallest trees in the world, the Sequoia. I would want this scent to be a mixing of heavy earth and coastal sea spray. A pairing of water and land. Pine, Cedar and sea salt laden Red wood bark would make this scent very sharp and biting. I would add a note of Beach Verbena to fresh the scent a bit and add another layer of mystery and beauty to it.

    Those are a few of my ideas for my Forest themed candle line. Thanks!

  21. Congratulations to Deb! We love the variety of fragrances, how appropriate the inspiration is for you, what a great match the fragrances are to the locations and we could "picture" the fragrances you created. Well done!

    Thanks to everyone that participated. It was VERY difficult to select a winner. Such creative and thorough answers. We enjoyed reading your creations.


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