Thanksgiving Day Stuffing at the Slatkin House

Wild Oats & Bourbon is all the rage on our Facebook Fan Page, so I though I'd give it a try. It's a very gourmand fragrance with hearty oats and soft spices. The ginger gives it a slight kick and who can complain about boubon? It's a perfect scent for fall. Rich and comforting, and dare I say, "chewy?". Sounds odd, I know, but the scent is very chewy. Sniff it and tell me if you understand.

Candlemakers get fragrance inspiration from all sorts of places, events and experiences. Laura Slatkin was inspired by her Thanksgiving Day stuffing to make the Nest Wild Oats and Bourbon candle. Not only does she have an eye for design and fragrance, but she is also an amazing cook (from what we've heard on her Facebook Fan Page).

If you were to create a fragrance, what would be your inspiration?