Nest Mahogany Candle

The Nest Mahogany candle is rich, sensual and delectable. Creamy caramel swirls around me. The spice from the star anise balances the sweetness. I want more from the earthy sandalwood and patchouli to help ground me as I float away, lost in the dreamy scent. I love wood fragrances so much that the name Mahogany is my only let down. I expect more woody accents. Instead of Mahogany wood, this or more like a Maple Tree - sweet and syrupy.

The darkness comes across like tea that has been steeped far too long with more tea bags than the water can manage. The brew grows cold and black to the point where you can't see through it. Throw in 2 star anise for spice and stir in some creamy caramel syrup to balance the bitterness from the tea and you have Nest Mahogany. Rich, dark, sweet, sensual. A sexy scent for fall to warm up a cold night and provide comfort from the brisk air.