MOR Italian Blood Orange Candle

Our old description of MOR Italian Blood Orange lists notes of orange, apple, peach, pineapple and pear and Italian Blood Orange. MOR's most recent description lists ruby red Italian blood oranges infused with soft summer floral notes of jasmine, rose and Lily of the Valley. I definitely have to say the first description is far more accurate. I am overwhelmed with sweet fruit explosion. A little of the rose comes through for me, but again, more of a sweet rose than spicy. I can't pick up the jasmine or Lily of the Valley much. I definitely wouldn't describe the candle as floral or even as having strong floral tone.

Italian Blood Orange is one of my favorite scents. It's fresh and juicy but not zesty or floral. Just perfectly refreshing. The MOR Italian Blood Orange candle started out fresh and juicy but grew into an overwhelming fruit bowl for me after a few hours. The pineapple, peach, pear and apple started to dominate and the whole thing got too sweet for me. If you like sweet-fruity candle - this is for you! If you like Volcano No. 6 you would probably love this fragrance. The candle was very fragrant and burned beautifully - very easy, clean and level across the top. The top re-solidified smooth and the whole candle looks stunning from start to finish.

Fragrance intensity 4.5/5 Burn quality 4.5/5