MOR Hibiscus Bloom Candle

MOR Hibiscus Bloom
I really enjoy the Hibiscus Bloom candle by MOR. The name scared me a bit. I was afraid it was going to be too floral for me. It's actually a fruity-floral blending of pink jasmine, sweet pea and soft plumeria with the crisp notes of juicy grapefruit, honeyed apricot blossom and a touch of warm musk.

Most of the MOR fragrances are feminine, and this is no exception. It's a very youthful floral, probably coming from the sweet pea and plumeria. Sweet pea and plumeria are such a fun, fresh scents and are lovely in a candle. I like the way they used jasmine in this blend. Jasmine is my least favorite scent, but a very popular and commonly used fragrance. Most jasmine candles I can't smell because they give me an instant and lasting headache. Jasmine, however, can work really well to turn up the volume in a fragrance and give it a nice punch. That is exactly how it is executed here. It makes everything else in the fragrance more brilliant without dominating the candle.

I can pick up the grapefruit to lighten the scent and I am especially excited about the apricot to add a hint of sweetness. I love the touch of musk to soften and add warmth. It really rounds out the floral and fruity notes.

I definitely recommend this fragrance if you like a slightly sweet floral. It's very enjoyable and playful. It's also a versatile scent, easily adaptable to any environment. As with all the MOR candles, the packaging is exquisite. MOR candles burn beautifully, easily and level without tunneling.

Fragrance intensity 3/5. Burn quality 4/5.