The Main Event Episode 67 A Scent of Scandal Valentine's Day Candles

We love the new Valentine's Day candles from A Scent of Scandal! They are hilarious as always, and some fun new scents too.

Me So Thorny (rose) Candle: This is a best-seller every year. I think Ari tweaked the scent, though, and definitely for the better! This scented soy wax candle used to have a very strong, super sweet, rose scent. Now it's a little softer, more sophisticated and more towards a petal-type rose fragrance. Very beautiful.

Lick Me (lollipop): This is a new scent and very fun. It smells like a combination of gummy bears and cantaloupe. Slightly fruity, slightly sweet.

Big Daddy (hard wood): A great compliment to the D-Cups or Hot Mama candle. Imagine rubbing Vicks vapor rub on a pine tree and ripping off a limb. That is the scent you get with this new Valentine's Day candle. It has a very sappy pine fragrance with a hint of menthol.

Sext Me (blackberry): This candle is perfect for the techy in your life. It smells just like grape bubble gum.

All of A Scented of Scandal scented soy wax candles are hand-made with 100% pure soywax and last approximately 35 hours. The best part of these new Valentine's Day candles - the lid is also a gift card with To and From to fill out to make the gift complete and so easy to give.