The Main Event Episode 49 Antica Farmacista Diffusers

Antica Farmacista diffusers arrived! We love these Mediterranean inspired fragrances. We brought in the demi size and a few of the petite size in stock.

The Aqua/Water diffuser has a nice, fresh, slightly citrus scent. It's is not ocean-side/salty like Anthousa's Okeanos. It's more simple, crisp and clean. A slightly soft scent. The fragrance is tinted blue which causes the white reeds to tint soft blue as well.

Magnolia, Orchid & Mimosa has a strong floral fragrance - the Magnolia is the most prominent scent. This is a very feminine, strong fragrance.

The Antica Farmacista Green Fig diffuser has a nice, woody fig scent. It's not sweet or overly green like some fig scents. This is a great unisex scent.

Pompelmo/Grapefruit smells just like when you peel a grapefruit and the zest sprays out. It's very simple, clean and vibrant. Great for a bathroom or kitchen.

The Antica Farmacista Champagne diffuser is their signature scent. This does smell like bubbly champagne and slightly citrus with a hint of sweet vanilla. A great year-round, unique fragrance.

Blades of Grass is a new fragrance for Antica Farmacista. It's a great version on grass because it isn't overly sweet. It's a great summer scent and it has a touch of citronella which could possibly keep bugs at bay.

We haven't come across an Antica Farmacista fragrance we didn't like! If there is an Antica Farmacista product or fragrance that you are interested in, but we don't have in stock yet, please let us know! We can order any Antica Farmacista product for you.