The Main Event Episode 4 Lampe Berger Overview

In this episode we give a brief overview of Lampe Berger - what it is and what it does.


  1. I just got a Lampe Berger as a gift from my grandmother - only it doesn't have the vented cap, just the solid one. It seems to be working fine without it. Do you know if I need to have the vented cap for it to work/be safe? Thanks!

  2. The lamp will work fine without the vented cap, but it is a good idea to use one for safety reasons since the stone burner does get hot during use. We can order a vented cap for you if you would like. Lampe Berger makes silver and gold light-weight and heavy-weight vented caps. Feel free to email or call us if you would like us to order a cap for you.


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