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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Candle Safety - Center Your Wick

How many times have you glazed over the warnings on a candle numb with boredom unable to let any of it register? Probably every time if you've even read them at all. You're not alone. I'm guilty of reading all the warnings with a "duh, of course" mindset. It wasn't until I started to see that consequences that they started to sink in have meaning to me. Here's one warning you probably won't even find on the packaging:

Keep the wick in the center

You're probably thinking this isn't your responsibility. Surely a good candle manufacturer would craft a candle with a perfectly centered wick from top to bottom. Well, of course that's the goal, but during the pouring process the wick can get pushed to the side. The wick is still centered on the bottom where the base was glued to the bottom, and they are sure to center it on the top before the wax sets, but what happens in between is a guessing game many times.

A good candle maker will adhere to all the safety precautions during the manufacturing process, using the correct materials and standards, but when the candle is burning, the responsibility is on the owner to make sure they provide the right environment and monitor the conditions. (This is where the "Never burn a candle out of sight" warning comes from.) If things to awry, it's up to you to make the necessary adjustments.

If you see the wick "creeping" to the side (it isn't actually moving or creeping, it's just hardened in the wax with a slight bend to it) this creates a pour burn quality and, more importantly, becomes a safety issue. With the wick off-center, the candle will burn unevenly and likely form soot on the side of the glass where the flame is too close. This is unsightly and you won't get all the hours out of your candle.  It may stop burning at all as it drowns itself from too much wax melting down on top of it. Bad, but not the end of the world.

What happens if this is left unadjusted, however, is quite bad. The glass can get too hot and can crack. The usual response is "My candle exploded!!". Wax can spill out everywhere causing a mess and an uncontrolled fire can create a significant hazard.

So what to do?  It's quite easy.  When you see the wick start to get off-center:
  1. Extinguish the candle immediately.
  2. Use a wick dipper or wick tweezer to re-center the wick.  Sink the wick dipper or tweezer down into the melted wax about 1/2" and use it to GENTLY push the wick towards the center.  You never want to pull on the wick as you could end up pulling the wick completely out of the candle, and that doesn't take Popeye strength to do.  
  3. Let the wax harden before you relight.  When you relight the candle, the wick will start in the center and burn correctly.  If it starts to creep again after a while, repeat the process above as many times as necessary.  

Again, the consequences of not keep in things in check just aren't worth it!!   A little candle maintenance goes a long way.

This is a public service announcement brought to you from Safety Sue.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Blow Out Candles

Before opening our candle store, I used to blow out our candles or use a snuffer and then quickly vacate the room to avoid the billowing smoke.  I didn't know there was any other option.

Now I cringe when others blow out candles.  Here's why:
  1. If you blow out taper candles, the wax can spray all over the table (and for over zealous people, all over the room) causing a messy clean up.
  2. Blowing out candles created substantial smoke. (Some people like that smell.  I'm not one of them.)
  3. For candles in a container, blowing out candles can push the wick down into the wax.  When the wax solidifies, the wick is buried (see photo above) and can get damaged when dug out.
  4. Blowing a candle out in a container can create substantial soot on the container.  

None of these consequences are pretty.  That's why now I always use a wick snuffer/tweezer to extinguish our candles.  I dip the snuffer/tweezer down into the wax just beneath the surface and gently draw it up pinching the wick until the flame is extinguished.  (Be careful to not pull the wick out of the candle.)  This helps in several ways:

  1. It coats the wick with melted wax to help it stay upright so it doesn't flop down and get buried in the wax.
  2. Coating the wick with wax helps the candle relight easier.
  3. It cleans any fragrance bloom (mushroom) off the top of the wick for a cleaner look when the candle is not in use.
  4. Candle tweezers can be used on container candles as well as tapers and pillar candles.
  5. It extinguishes the candle without any soot or smoke at all!!  This is my favorite benefit.
What's your favorite way to extinguish candles?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to get your fragrance loving friend this holiday? Here's a list of products any candle or fragrance fan will love.

Thymes Frasier Fir candle in Red Pot
Mountain fresh with the aromatic snap of crisp Siberian Fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood.
I like the deep red glass and the simplicity of the lid and packaging. This candle also offers almost twice the burn time of the standard size Frasier Fir candle for just $34. 12 oz.

Nest Holiday Candle
The quintessential holiday fragrance with a blend of mandarine orange, cinnamon, pine and eucalyptus.
The Nest Holiday candle is a staple on our gift list. This fragrance best encapsulates the holidays. It's not overly tree or fruity and it's not sweet or gourmand. It's fresh, festive and brings back memories from years gone by. Be sure to buy more than one! If you buy one as a gift, you won't want to give it up. The 3-wick size is gorgeous and can be re-used as a flower vase when the candle is done.
If you want to give the gift of scent without a candle, the petite diffusers by Voluspa are fantastic. The packaging is beautiful and the price is great at $28. With 24 fragrances available, you're sure to find just the right scent. Golden Cypress Sawara is perfect this time of year.

The petite jar candles by Voluspa are great for travel or for trial. The easy screw top lid and sturdy glass makes them handy on the go. At just $6 each, they make fun stocking stuffers. 15 hours each. 24 fragrances.

The Tocca Eau de Parfum gift set couldn't be more adorable and for just $45, it's an incredible value. This gift set includes three 0.5 oz bottles of perfume in Tocca's signature fragrances: Florence, Stella and Cleopatra. You could also break apart this gift set to give 3 separate stocking stuffers, tie into the bow on a gift or use as an add-on to a larger gift. So charming!

The solid perfume by Tocca makes great stocking stuffers. They work well for travel or for discrete touch-up during the day - just toss in your purse and go. Available in most Tocca fragrances including Cleopatra, Stella and Giulietta. $30 each

I am absolutely addicted to Beau Bain bath bombs. Hand made with simple ingredients, these bath bombs are a wonderful, pampering gift. The fragrances are divine and these bath bombs leave your skin moisturized and silk smooth. Available in a 6-pack, 12-pack and individually. $8-$30

Long-stemmed lighters are great for lighting candles, fires and grills. These refillable lighters come with a life-time warranty. Available in 7", 9" leather-wrapped handle and 12" with stand.

Wick Dipper & Snuffer
The only way we extinguish candles at home is with a wick dipper. Simple use the wick dipper to push the burning wick into the melted wax to drown out the flame with out any smoke or soot. At just $5.95, they make a great stocking stuffer for any candle-lover. The tweezer style snuffers will extinguish a taper candle without any smoke or soot.

"A bayberry candle, burned to the socket, puts luck in the home, food in the larder, and gold in the pocket."
Our favorite holiday gift is true bayberry tapers. It's an old New England tradition to burn bayberry tapers to the nub on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve for health and prosperity in the year to come. Available in 6" and 10" pairs.