Fragrances for Mother's Day

As a native of New England, I am and extremely seasonal person.  I enjoy roasted/heartier foods and warmer/sweeter fragrances in the fall and winter months.  In the spring and summer I enjoy brighter fragrances and lighter foods.  I also change by the weather, opting for cozy scents on rainy days with some pasta and clean fragrances on sunny days with fresh vegetables.  On top of all that, I also have preferences by the time of the day - invigorating scents in the morning to help me and the house wake up and more relaxing scents at night to wind down.

It seems like a lot to manage but it's all very intuitive and enjoyable (for my neurotic self anyway).  So many times customers come into the shop looking for their new fragrance and I can't imagine an entire season of just one fragrance.   When they can't choose between Baltic Amber or Acadia I say get them both!  That way they can enjoy whatever fragrance their soul is craving at the time.  As they say, variety is the spice of life.  Live it up people!  Or smell it up?  Anyway...

At Thanksgiving I like to transition the fragrances from Nest Wasabi Pear to Nest Wild Oats & Bourbon to Nest Pumpkin Chai.  Yes, it's a Nest Fest.  With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I thought it would be fun to come up with the same type of "fragrance menu" for the day.  So here we go...

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In the morning, wouldn't it be nice for your Mom (or the Mother of your children) to wake up to the smell of bubbly champagne?!  I'm thinking that would be fab!  A little fresh squeezed orange juice and a splash of champagne in a fluted glass served bedside on a tray with fresh strawberries, fine chocolates and an Aura Bubbly candle.   Heaven!  I know you're thinking - What? What?! Chocolates at breakfast?  Yes and absolutely.  Dark chocolate works any time and all the time.  The Breakfast of Champion Moms.  Aura Bubbly is effervescent, festive and fresh.  They perfect way to start her celebratory day.

In the afternoon surround her with Voluspa Macaron.   Mid-day, when she typically wants to pick things up and get thing done, this cozy, comforting scent will help her relax and let the day unfold slowly.  I like Macaron because it isn't overly sweet or heavy and it won't give her a belly ache.  It's sophisticated and delicate just like the exquisite French cookies.  Speaking of cookies, it would be lovely if you treated her to a box of fine macarons for her afternoon snack...  just a thought.

As the afternoon winds down it's time to transition to an exquisite floral bouquet.  It may be cliche, but chocolates and flowers always work.  (And we can't forget wine - wine is to women like duck tape is to men - it fixes everything.)  Of all the floral fragrances in the store, there's only one that smells like a true bouquet of flowers and that's Bob's Flower Shoppe by Trapp.

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Most floral fragrances have one note that takes center stage , but Bob's is a blend of so many different flowers that there isn't one specific note that jumps out.  Bob Trapp initially owned a flower shop and he wanted to create the fragrance you smell when you walk into his flower cooler.  Crisp, fresh and alive with everything coming together all at once with green notes from the newly cut stems.  That is exactly what Bob's Flower shop smells like.

Unless your Mom loves a specific flower (gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, rose...) I would go for this one.  It covers everything and smells amazing.  When the house quiets down and the kids are in bed, she can sip some wine as she's is surrounded by the scent of an intricate floral bouquet and feel like the most luxurious Mom on the planet - just as she should.

Oh, yeah, and don't forget more chocolates.  They are key.

photo from of L. A. Burdick Chocolates

What fragrance menu would you create for your Mother on her special day?