Nest White Narcisse Candle

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Nest Fragrances has a way of taking a beautiful fragrance, giving it a great name and making it commercial perfection through packaging.  Seems like a simple, obvious and required task for any candle that wants to become a success, but you'd be surprised how many times one or more of those aspects are completely botched.  Not Nest.  They nailed all the details on this one.

The new Nest White Narcisse candle is a brisk blend of white narcissus with hints of French mimosa and dewy muguet. There's an edgy angle to this scent coming from natural jasmine absolute, natural mimosa absolute and natural narcissus extract giving it an almost astringent quality.  Clean to the extreme.  Burning, the fragrance is delightful, like a soft breeze on a warm spring day.

The candle is poured in sculpted porcelain with white narcissus flower detail on the outside.  I love how the light shines through the porcelain when burning so you don't lose that ambiance the way you do with ceramic vessels.

If you like Nest florals, like Bamboo, Blue Garden or Elton John Woodside Garden, be sure to try this one.  With its picturesque packaging it makes a great Mother's Day gift or hostess gift.  

Fragrance Intensity 4/5.  Burn Quality 4.5/5.


  1. Hi Susan

    Hope you had a great weekend, Love the nest white narcisse candle scent. Is the pot with it too.

    Sarah Midland


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