Cozy Cabin in the Woods

I am so literal when it comes to tree fragrances. I expect deep woods and crisp needles. It took me years to finally try the Jonathan Adler Big Sur (Forest) candle as the cold throw smells nothing like a forest so I dismissed it. Huge mistake on my part. Now I know why this fragrance is so popular.

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The candle is part of the Destination Collection by Jonathan Adler where each fragrance is named after one of his favorite travel destinations.  (Lucky him!)  If you're not familiar with Big Sur, it's a breathtakingly beautiful stretch of forest along the Pacific coast, just south of Monterey.  

It's rare for a forest to be right a long the ocean, so one of the things that threw me off is that there is no fresh air, salty air, water or fog in the scent. There is also no crisp, snappy green needles you find in a forest.  Nor is there dewy, musty moss.  So I'm left with none of the notes that typically come to mind in a forest fragrance.   

What I am left with is amazing!  It's warm, inviting and relaxing. I love the way the bergamot and nutmeg compliment the warm wood notes. So rich and almost delicious. This is the complete opposite of a fresh, green forest and I love it just as much!  It's more of the inside of a cozy cabin in the woods that you never want to leave.

I highly recommend this fragrance. Great guy scent but not overly masculine.

Burn quality 4.5/5. Fragrance intensity 4/5.


  1. You take a beautiful photo I particular like the fireplace photo that you have taken it looks all nice and cosy.

    Do you use scented candles as well?

    Thanks for sharing

    Sarah Midland
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