Votivo Pink Mimosa

Votivo recently launched a new fragrance - Pink Mimosa.

When it’s time to unwind, relax as you breathe in the sweet aroma of strawberries mixed with Mimosa and Vanilla Rum.

This fragrance is definitely relaxing.  Notes of vanilla rum sandalwood add warmth while lively notes from mandardin and strawberry tickle the senses.  The cold throw on this candle reminds me of strawberry scented products from my youth.  This is not a positive reaction, for me, as those things turned my stomach. 

As such, it took me many months to build up the courage to try this scent.  I'm so glad I finally did.  Within minutes of lighting the vanilla rum creates such a warmth and depth that I'm instantly in love.  The slightest hints of gardenia, honeysuckle and mimosa add a nice grown-up touch and  any abysmal thoughts from childhood are instantly banished. 

If you like Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry then this fragrance is a must try scent for you.  I was hesitant to try that scent as well as the overly jammy cold throw scared me off.  However, Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry (like Votivo Pink Mimosa) has such a soothing quality.  They both come across like a gentle hug.  Perfection!

Votivo Pink Mimosa is available in a candle, diffuser, room spray and travel tin.  The travel tin candle would be perfect for a sexy weekend getaway...  just sayin'.


  1. OH HECK! I've obsessed with mimosa lately, and Votivo rarely does me wrong. This just sounds too delicious, I must try it!

    1. It's fantastic! It's mostly strawberry but really warming.


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