Belle Fleur Imperial Oudh

If Imperial Oudh were a man, he’d be tall, dark and handsome, but totally in touch with his feminine side. A study in contrast, it is inspired by the gentleman's private library. The exotic wood paneling, the scent of a crackling fireplace, row upon row of leather-bound books, the worn Chesterfield leather sofa, the hint of pipe tobacco in the air...and in the midst of all this masculinity, a sumptuous bouquet of delicate roses, adding balance and just the right touch of femininity to make it a perfect world.

Belle Fleur describes this scent as elegant and mysterious.  I love those labels for this scent and I adore the description they provide.  It isn't as much of a leather bound library/wood paneled den for me as their Kyara Clove fragrance, but it is definitely masculine and curious.

Imperial Oudh is more of a incense fragrance - the type when customers declare "Smells like church!".  It doesn't have the sweetness of Opium Den, but the incense, smoke and spices remind me of it.  Cire Trudon Spiritus Sancti, Tobi Tobin Signature and many of the Alexa Rodulfo fragrances fall into this category.  Worn wood, incense and a cold quality of dark empty halls in a damp castle.

What the Belle Fleur Imperial Oudh candle brings to the table is a feminine touch that the others don't.  Notes of rose, violet and amber bring a softness to the scent.  There are curtains on the walls and pillows on the couch but the fireplace is still unlit. 

Top Notes: Violet, Tobacco Leaf
Middle Notes: Moroccan Rose Absolute, Oudh, Tolu
Base Notes: Spice, Amber, Smoke, Leather, Labdanum

Burn quality 4/5.  Fragrance intensity 3/5.