Carrière Frères Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Candle

"Sandalwoods are wild fragrant trees with tenacious leaves that grow in India’s Mysore state. Its wood was often used in building temples that to this day have kept its penetrating scent. Sandalwood oil has been used as a remedy for ailments for over four thousand years, and is a common fixative in perfumery. In Chinese medicine, sandalwood increases longevity, and builds confidence and determination." - Carrière Frères Industrie

Sandalwood is a popular scent in home fragrance, typically used as a base note to compliment the key player. It's a neutral fragrance, bordering on boring. Many times, on it's own, it comes across as being almost watery and useless. The Carrière Frères interpretation of sandalwood, however, is anything but boring.

It reminds me of the Stephen Swift Furniture Studio in Nantucket. Stark white walls and warm wood floors filled solely with sleek, hand crafted, solid wood furniture. The wood is sanded to such a fine finish it feels almost like velvet. Soft curves made for comfort. Stylish tapered legs. Polished with simple oils to bring out the color and personality, each piece is a work of art. Nature made even more glorious. Anything else in the room would just add distraction. All that is needed is simple pieces of exquisite furniture for the most stunning statement.

The Carrière Frères Sandalwood candle is the same way. White frosted glass and creamy white wax liquefying cleanly and glowing softly as it burns. The fragrance is nothing like the raw, sawdust scent you get some from single note wood candles. It's refined and distinguished. Full of character and elegance. Carrière Frères managed to create an almost feminine and delicate scent from such a masculine product - wood so strong and durable the scent lasts for decades.

Anyone that knows my fragrance preferences enough is well aware of my affinity for trees. I enjoy the strong, heart of the tree even more than it's leafy, showy side. The Carrière Frères Santalum Album candle is a welcome addition to my collection. Now I am even more anxious to see what they've done with cedar...


  1. This is straight-up PURE sandalwood to those who haven't sniffed it. Sue, you have a great way with words!! :)

  2. I LOVE every Carriere Feres wax sample that I have sniffed. Everything is pure—and you are completely right about their feminine and delicate take on sandalwood. Typically single note fragrances are not my favorite, however Carriere Feres has perfected the simple essence of each note. That gets major brownie points in my book! I can't wait to hear your feedback on Cedar :)

  3. Ohhh... Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents. I love the way you describe this fragrance, Sue. I'm thinking I need to add this one to my wish list. Like Caitlin, I'll be curious to hear your review of Cedar, another scent I enjoy. :)

  4. Damask Rose is phenomenal! So amazing for a rose based scent. I think you guys need to do a youtube video on your favorite new fragrances! A year in review would be fab!!! :)))


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