Anthousa Violet & Black Currant

Earlier this year, Anthousa launched a new fragrance - Violet & Black Currant. It's a fruity floral blend of red raspberries, Valencia oranges, tart black currant, Macintosh apples and peach nectar grounded with pink jasmine, red geranium and purple violet. Violet can tend to be very heavy and sweet, but the addition of all the fresh, fruity notes really help lift and energize the scent.
This limited addition fragrance is available in a candle and diffuser. The Anthousa Violet & Black Currant candle wax has a soft violet accent and the packaging is stunning with a bright, bold pattern. Anthousa candles are made with 100% vegetable wax lasts approximately 60 hours. The beautiful, frosted, Italian glass tumbler washes out easily with soap and water and can be reused as a bud vase or votive candle holder.

Anthousa diffusers last approximately 6-9 months and provide fragrance the same as walking past a bouquet of flowers. It's a nice uplifting surprise as you walk by and they don't tend to overwhelm a room. To freshen the scent, flip a few or all of the reeds as often as you like. The fragrance oil in the Anthousa Violet & Black Currant diffuser has a juicy violet accent.

Enjoy this fragrance while it is available. Anthousa limited edition fragrances tend to stay around for one or two years.


  1. I love this blend! It's very sweet, like a muscat or a dessert wine—floral with a sugary-sweet fruit note to balance. The fragrance almost bubbles when you light it, like sparkling wine. Gorgeous!

  2. Anthousa has the prettiest containers. I love the soft, frosted glass and the overall shape of the vessels. Gorgeous. The scent of this is so pretty to me. I agree with Caitlin's assesment! Spot on! Very fruity and sweet but with a little twist to it.


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