Peony Fragrances

Peony is a wonderful and feminine flower that is dearly loved. The flower features delicate petals in grand abundance.

Peony Blanche by Nest Fragrances is the most recent launch. This fragrance blends peony with jasmine magnolia and lily with watery nuances. The effect is a soft floral that is strong in fragrance. This candle features beautiful petal pink wax and gorgeous packaging.

Red Flower scanned the world to find the most distinct fragrance from each area and selected Peony from Japan. Red Flower Japanese Peony is fragrance is powdery and natural. The large candle comes with peony petals on top that you need to remove before your burn the candle. The candle liquifies as it burns for a beautiful, glowing effect. The large candle lasts 50 hours and the tiny candle lasts an astonishing 15 hours. Both candles are highly fragrant.

K. Hall Designs makes the most natural blend focusing on single note fragrances. The K. Hall Peony candle smells like soft, velvety floral petals reminiscent of rose petals. K. Hall Designs Peony is also available in a diffuser and diffuser refill.

Lafco makes the most stunning hand-blown vessels for their candles that will become a keepsake for generations to come. Their Powder Room, Duchess Peony, candle comes in the most exquisite pink glass container. This large candle lasts and astounding 100 hours.

Trapp Private Gardens launched their Pure Peony candle earlier this year. Trapp Pure Peony is a very water, floral blend focusing on the vintage peony fragrance. This fragrance is available in a 5 and 7oz candles as well as a votive candle.

It's nice to have so many peony candles for selection to be able to find just the right one for you. Which one is your favorite?


  1. Peony Blanche is my favorite of the peony blends. It's got a distinctive water undertone to it that makes this an extra gorgeous fragrance. These watery tones keep is extraordinarily balanced, so the floral notes are complemented and enhanced—the peony isn't powdery or cloying at all. Gorgeous blend.


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