Manuela Testolini of Altru Candles

Atru, meaning "unselfishly giving of one's self to others". From the word Altruism. This unique collection was inspired by the beauty and handcrafted artistry of cultures around the world. The inspiration for Altru, by Gamillah, comes from a desire to connect with an enormous universe of consumers who aspire to improve the world in every way possible -- who want tomorrow to be better than today. The proceeds from the Altu Candle Collection support the In a Perfect World Foundation which aims to empower children to become compassionate and socially conscious leaders. "By supporting Altru, you embrace a cause that seeks to give children a stronger voice in making the future more 'perfect' for us all," says Manuela Testolini, the Founder and CEO of Gamillah, Inc.

She considers her greatest masterpiece to be her Integrity candle. The inspiration for the fragrance was Cairo, where her mother grew up. Manuela went through 9 versions of the fragrance to get the Night Blooming Jasmine fragrance just right for her mother.

Thanks to Deb Roberto-Kelly of Ohio for submitting your question.