Votivo Gingersnap Candle

A soul warming journey into the depths of comfort and relaxation, Gingersnap is a hearty blending of coarsely ground vanilla bean, steel cut brown sugar, and a dash of hand shaved nutmeg baked in a sun kiln oven to produce the best gingersnap cookies you've ever tasted.

We recently tried Votivo Gingersnap for the first time and we all fell in love. We had pumpkin whoopie pies for dessert and enjoyed this candle late into the night. A perfect way to welcome Fall weather.

Votivo Gingersnap is a delicious balance between not too sweet and not too spicy - leaning more towards spicy. The nutmeg gives it a slight edge that I like. It blends nicely with the vanilla bean and brown sugar to soften the sharp spiciness. When burning, the fragrance is just like the best gingersnap cookie you could imagine.

Votivo Gingersnap is relaxed and comfortable. It filled the room with fragrance without screaming at us or giving us a bellyache from sugar overload. I could live with this fragrance for hours.

Votivo Gingersnap is great anytime you are looking for an easy-going, reliable fragrance to warm you inside without smothering you in sweetness.

Fragrance intensity 4/5. Burn quality 4/5.


  1. I love this candle! I am a sucker for anything involving Nutmeg! I found this at a local Marshalls a couple years ago and almost died at my luck! Can you imagine??? Of course it was a smoker. I'm glad they have worked on the line to make them less sooty. Such an improvement!

  2. I haven't tried Gingersnap yet. I'll have to get a scent sample with my next order. It definitely sounds like something I would like and perfect for this time of year. I love the smell of cookies!

  3. I really want to get this one for my Dad. We were just discussing gingersnap cookies last weekend and he would get a kick outta this candle!!

  4. OMG Ryan, you found a Votivo at MARSHALLS? Now I need to start searching the shelves. Bad news. I think gingersnap sounds incredible. I have never smelled this candle, and I am so intrigued. I love that it leans more towards the spicy. There is nothing better than sugar and spice! I know I'll end up purchasing this one soon.

  5. Yeah Caitlin! I have found a lot of Votivo out and about at random places!!!! T.J MAXXX TOO!!!!! Crazzzzzzzzzzzzy!!! Not in a long time though. :( Back in the day...I still keep my eye out for them because I snatch them up with my candle-talons. :)

  6. Gingersnap sounds incredible. This sounds like the perfect candle for me.


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