Nest Fragrances - Overview

Nest Fragrances has 11 fragrances in their Everyday Collection and 2 special edition candles, Blue Garden and Pumpkin Chai. In this video, we categorized the fragrances by type of scent.

Clean fragrances:
Blue Garden - a watery floral. Perfect for any day or for gift giving.
Moss & Mint - a very clean scent. The moss in this candle is soft and the mint makes it fresh.

Floral Fragrances:
Bamboo - this is also a clean candle with green accords and bamboo but jasmine as well. This fragrance is very similar to the Slatkin & Co Bamboo & Jasmine candle.
Pink Jasmine - very strong in jasmine. The Slatkins do the best job with jasmine.
Periwinckle Hyacinth - a fun, lively floral. A great fragrance for spring/early summer.
Orange Blossom - I put this in the floral category because orange blossom is very floral and similar in scent to tuberose in this candle

Fruity Fragrances:
Grapefruit - this is their most zesty candle, but it also has a strong floral accord with Lily of the Valley and a sweetness to it.
Black Fig & Honey - Honey beware, this candle is very strong in honey and a hint of vanilla adds to the sweetness. This fragrance is definitely more honey than fig.
Wasabi Pear - this is a great pear fragrance, watered down with ozonic notes to keep it from getting too intense and a kick of wasabi to offset the sweetness of pear. The result is a nice, fresh pear.

Fall Fragrances:
Mahogany - a sweet blend of caramel praline, sandalwood and patchouli. This candle is more sweet than woody, but the blend is very sexy and sultry to soften the crisp air of fall and winter.
Wild Oats & Bourbon - a rich blend of hearty oats, boubon and a nice hint of ginger to keep it from getting too sweet. This scent is so chewy you can almost eat it. Very comforting for fall.
Moroccan Amber - this is one of the most fragrant candles we have ever burned. The amber mellows the intense spices in this blend. Perfect for a cold night.
Pumpkin Chai - The addition of the chai spices adds a very sophisticated accent making it less American and more ethnic. I like that twist. Very comforatble and cozy.

Holiday - this is the quintisential holiday fragrance blending mandarine orange, cinnamon, pine and eucalyptus. It doesn't get better than this. A must try scent.

Nest Fragrances candles are highly fragrant and most fragrances are available in a votive and 3-wick version.