Voluspa Maison Noir Lichen & Vetiver Candle

We're trying the new Lichen (moss) & Vetiver candle in the new Maison Noir Collection by Voluspa tonight. It has a very clean, soft and refreshing scent. Moss is such an earthy, grounding scent. It works well with the clean aqua notes in this candle. Vetiver traditionally has a smokey, woody scent but it isn't heavy in this blend. The vetiver scent ads calming, soothing and uplifting characteristics to the candle fragrance.

On a scale of 0 to 5 I'd give it a 2 for fragrance, but we found with another Voluspa Maison candle that it's more fragrant on the second burn, so we may try it again tomorrow night.

I love the way Voluspa candles burn - so clean and easy. The new Maison glass is incredibly chic with its chunky thickness and smooth lines. I love the translucent smokey glass in the Maison Noir collection. The Voluspa Lichen & Vetiver 12oz candle is 100 hours of lusciousness and the 2-wick tin is absolutely adorable!

Have you tried Lichen & Vetiver? If so, let us know what you think!
Update: There was definitely more fragrance after 4 hours. We burned the candle for 5 hours. By the end, I'd give it a 3 in fragrance. We'll try it again today to see if it has more scent. It burned evenly across the top - no tunneling - which is impressive for such a large candle and a staggering burn time of 100 hours! This is a great scent if you are looking for a light, clean, moss fragrance.