The Main Event Episode 8 Mystery Box

In this episode we open a mystery box from Bougie Therapy. Yonka Paris was contracted to create the fragrances and partner with this new candle line. The candles are 100% natural soy wax with 100% organic essential oils. The three fragrances are Rose-Lavender-Rosemary, Ylang Ylang-Grapefruit-Thyme and Blue Chamomile-Neroli-Petigrain. The candles have a 75 hour burn time.

We did a burn test on the Rose-Lavender-Rosemary candle in the shop. It burned nicely, but slightly tunneled, which is surprising for soy wax since it is such a soft wax and typically liquefies quickly. We burned the candle for about 8 hours in the shop and didn't need to trim the wick to prevent soot or smoke, which was impressive. There was a soft scent, not strong enough to compete with everything going on in our shop, so we'll try it again at home in a more natural environment. The container does not seem to illuminate, but we'll be able to see that better at home.

The Ylang Ylang-Grapefruit-Thyme candle had a scent reminiscent of Keds sneaker soles. Perhaps that's the Ylang Ylang coming though. The grapefruit and thyme weren't strong enough to pick up, which is unfortunate, since those are such fantastic scents. We'll have to try this one at home to see how the scent evolves as it burns.

The Blue Chamomile-Neroli-Petigrain also had an unusual fragrance. We'll try this one at home as well.

Of the three fragrances, we think the Rose-Lavender-Rosemary has the most "marketable" scent with the best appeal to the everyday consumer. The other scents might be better suited to a more discerning customer that has a penchant for essential oils.

The packaging is nice and sturdy and there are matches included in the box. We're a little concerned about the candle melting during shipping in the hot summer months since it lays on its side in the box and soy wax is such a soft wax with a low melting point. The name, Bougie Therapy, lead us to believe the essential oil blends were hand selected to heal a certain ailment, yet there was no indication on the packaging regarding the healing intentions of the fragrance. Our last "concern" is that the candles are not labeled with the name Bougie Therapy or the specific fragrance. Once the candle is removed from the box it would be difficult to remember what candle and fragrance it is for subsequent purchase.

We'll be back with more feedback after we conduct burn tests at home. If you've ever tried these candles, please let us know what you think. If you have any feedback on Yonka bath & body products, we'd love to hear that as well.


  1. Hi Dave and Sue! It's Danielle Mulcahy here:) I love your videos and can't wait to come see you guys and your store again! Sean and I are living back in DC now, so we'll definitely stop by the next time we come to Annapolis. How are the kids? I can't believe they're 6 and 4 already!! Hope to see you soon!


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