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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Main Event Episode 28 Lavender Candles

Lavender has such a strong appeal since it is a very calming, relaxing scent. Many of the lines we carry have their take on lavender and in this episode we compare the different options available.

Anthousa makes a Lavender & Chinese May Chang diffuser that is based on Chinese aromatherapy. The lavender scent is very calming, while citrus is uplifting, so the overall effect is a very balancing fragrance.

Red Flower is my favorite line for a true flower scent. Their 60z petal-topped french lavender candle lasts 45-50 hours and the little french lavender candle lasts 15 hours.

Paddywax makes a Lavender candle that is blended with ylang ylang and clary sage. This soy wax candle lasts 60 hours and is a muted, subtle lavender scent. Jonathan Adler also makes a muted lavender candle called Aix en Provence.

k. hall makes a beautiful, simple Lavender made with vegetable wax and it lasts 60 hours. This candle is similar to red flower's lavender as they are both based on essential oils. k. hall also makes a lavender diffuser and bar soap.

Votivo has many lavender candles to choose from. Their Lavender Chamomile Pear candle is a nice, refreshing blend. Lavender Fields is very soft and muted. The St. Germain Lavender candle is the most pronounced in the bunch from Votivo.

A Scent of Scandal makes a nice, simple-scented lavender candle called Sleep Around. This lavender tends to be a hit with customers and it's made with 100% soy wax.

Voluspa makes a French Cade (wood) & Lavender candle that also has verbena and moss. This candle is more woody/green than lavender. It has a subtle lavender scent to it, but is such a blend that if you are looking for a true lavender candle, this would not be a good bet for you. Voluspa's 3-wick tins last 80 hours.

Aromatherapy Interventions makes a Chill Out candle that is a blend of lavender and ylang ylang. It has a strong citrus scent to it, more so lavender, but it's a pretty scent and sells well for us. This candle, and the lavender diffuser by Anthousa, are the only two lavender products we have in stock that were specifically blended for aromatherapy purposes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Main Event Episode 27 Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler is a famed interior designer and one of the judges on the Bravo show Top Design. His candle line is exquisite and highly fragrant. His signature candles are Muse Blanc and Muse Noir that are poured in beautiful porcelain bowls that are translucent while burning. Muse Blanc has a delicate floral fragrance. Muse Noir is more dark and bold with a blend of black plum, amber and vetiver. The Hashish candle is also housed in one of his porcelain containers and is a blend of black currant, green apple, wormwood, patchouli and moss.

The fragrances in Jonathan Adler's everyday collection are named after his favorite places. Big Sur (Forest) is a blend of crisp bergamot, rich vetiver, warm cedar wood and nutmeg. This is a very woody fragrance with a hint of spice to give it some warmth. Capri (Honeymoon) is a blend of crisp citrus, herbs, woods, moss and musk. This is a very bright, lemony, clean scent. Palm Beach (Sunshine) is my favorite with a bright citrus scent followed by a soft rose note. It has a blend of citrus, juicy lychee fruit and white rose petals. Shelter Island (Ocean) has a blend of fresh ocean notes of sea moss, hints of sage and fir balsam. This is a very salty-ocean scent and is our best selling water/ocean candle. Aix en Provence (Delirium) is a blend of lavender, white amber and musk. It's a very soft, not too woody or too floral, lavender scent. Southampton (Garden) is a blend of ivy, summer florals with a hint of moss and soft musk. This is a very leafy/working-in-the-garden floral fragrance. More green than petal.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Main Event Episode 26 Voluspa Soleil & Panjore Lychee

Soleil and Panjore Lychee are two new spring/summer fragrances for the Seasons Collection by Voluspa. Soleil is a blend of pineapple, organic tangerine, coconut and vanilla. This delicious fragrance will transport you to a tropical island getaway. The wax is a gorgeous mango color and this scent is available in a 10oz candlepot that lasts 85 hours, 5oz glass jar that lasts 45 hours, 3-wick tin that lasts 80 hours and a diffuser. This scent has already been a huge hit in our store.

Panjore Lychee is a blend of rich lychee fruit, pear, cassis and a touch of vanilla husk. This fragrance smells like a bowl of cut fruit - not to sweet, not too overwhelming. Just summery and fresh. (Think summer picnic by the pool.) Panjore Lychee has petal-pink wax and is also available in a 10oz candlepot, 5oz glass jar, 3-wick tin and diffuser.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Main Event Episode 25 New Lampe Berger Fragrances

Lampe Berger recently launched a few new fragrances:

Kashmir is their newest Signature scent. It's a very woodsy fragrance with sandalwood and cedar. It also has rose, jasmine and ylang yland, but the floral essence is very subtle.

Diego is also part of the Signature Collection. Diego smells like a man's cologne or aftershave with leather, spice and a touch of orange and lavender. This fragrance is very woodsy and sensual.

Lilac Blossom is a very light floral. Not to sweet or too heavy. It's a very pretty lilac scent with a touch of violet.

Summer Rain is a very fresh, clean scent. This is the most "clean" scent offered by Lampe Berger.

Mystery Patchouli is a subdued, woodsy patchouli. It is not a bold, pure or overwhelming patchouli scent, but it is pretty and very earthy/woodsy.

Free scent samples are available with on-line purchases on our website. You can also request up to 1o scent samples on our website without ordering products.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Main Event Episode 24 Gardenia Candles

Gardenia is such a beautiful fragrance that we though we'd show you the variety of different gardenia candles available. Seda France makes a popular Elegant Gardenia candle. It is a simple gardenia fragrance much like the flower. The Feu de Touch candle by Tocca is similar in scent. Anthousa's White Gardenia candle is a little more muted but still very beautiful. The White Gardenia scent by Anthousa is also available in a diffuser. The Rigaud Gardenia candle is the most "perfumy" and frilly of all the options shown. This candle has a strong following with Rigaud fans. Voluspa's Yashioka Gardenia is a blend of Yashioka gardenia petals, Tunisian clove, tuberose and Himalayan cedar. While it's a blend, it is well loved. The Champaca Bloom & Fern candle by Voluspa also has gardenia as well as champaca blooms, fresh fern leaf and muget. The Spanish Gardenia candle by red flower is the most true gardenia scent in the store. red flower does an amazing job at capturing the scent of the flower so it smells like actual blooms in the room. It's nice to have such a fantastic selection of such a beautiful fragrance. Enjoy!

The Main Event Episode 23 k. hall Washed Cotton Collection

k. hall just launched a new collection - Washed Cotton. This is the first "cotton" fragrance we've seen that actually smells truly like cotton. No joke. Typically linen/fresh/white scents are overly floral. This really smells like sheets drying on the line or like you just unloaded the dryer. It's a beautiful fresh scent - very pure and clean and not overdone.

We currently have Washed Cotton in a 100% vegetable candle that lasts 60 hours and a room diffuser that lasts 4-6 months. We also have the diffuser refill. k. hall's Washed Cotton massive bar soap should be in soon. Their luxurious soap is made with shea butter & olive oil and it's triple milled. k. hall bar soap is fantastic for the show as it lasts for months and fits nicely into the sisal soap pocket for exfoliating to create fresh and vibrant skin.

We'd love to get the linen spray (to use while ironing to make your clothes smell like you wash by hand) as well as the laundry soap (again, to fool everyone that you have that much time to wash and dry things by hand). If you are interested in the sheet spray or hand soap or lotion please let us know! We'd love to eventually carry everything in the Washed Cotton Collection so let us know what you are interested in.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Main Event Episode 22 Voluspa Fleurs de Fete

Voluspa's Fleurs de Fete fragrance is part of the Seasons Collection. Fleurs de Fete blends calla lily, creme roses, white narcissus, tuberose absolute and butter creme cake for a delicious, buttery floral fragrance. This scent is availalbe in many different shapes and sizes. The 10oz candlepot that lasts 85 hours and is packaged in a soft, velvet box. The 5oz glass jar lasts 45 hours and has a beautiful, printed box. The gorgeous 3-wick tin that lasts and astounding 80 hours. Voluspa Fleurs de Fete is also available in a diffuser that has an opaque white decanter and lasts approximately 6 months.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Seasons fragrance?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Main Event Episode 21 A Scent of Scandal

A Scent of Scandal was created by a brother-sister team, Ari & Heather. They use 100% vegan soy wax and all cotton wicks for their fun, scandalous candles. The naming convention for each fragrance is a play on words between the scent and the name. Walk of Shame, with an "early morning dew" scent, is one of our best sellers. Stoner has the best "grass" fragrance in our shop. There are over 40 fabulous scents and occasions in the collection.

We worked with Ari to create a candle for newlyweds called Ball & Chain that has a wedding cake fragrance. Ari also made Flamer for us with a fireside fragrance. If you have any scent/name suggestions, please let us know!

A Scent of Scandal candles use only the finest fragrance oils and hand-pour each candle using 100% soy wax and completely metal-free all-cotton wicks, resulting in an incredible scent throw with the cleanest burn possible. These 8oz candles make great travel tins and last 30-35 hours. A Scent of Scandal candles are vegan and cruelty-free and they are proud supporters of the important work of PETA, Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd, and Compassionate Cooks.