Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Episode 3 Mystery Box

On occasion, the vendors will send us samples to see if we think their products are a good fit for our shop. In this episode, Yonka Paris sent a gorgeous bath/body gift set that incorporates their new candle. Yonka uses both aromatherapy and phytotherapy to create their products. Their products not only incorporate the fragrance that various plants have to offer for beauty benefits, but also the complementary ingredients in plant and marine extracts such as vitamins, trace elements and fruit acids.

The gift set includes their signature Phyto-Bain (Bath Concentrate), Huile Corps (Body Oil), Balneo-Sel (Bath Salt), the softest hand-towel I've ever felt, and a gorgeous candle. The candle is fragranced with 5 essential oils including lavender, rosemary, geranium, cypress, rosemary and thyme. The candle has a silk-screened glass jar with a beautiful golden leaf pattern. The fragrance is absolutely stunning and by far the best spa-like fragrance we've ever come across in a candle.

Phyto-Bain uses essential oils and plant extracts to invigorate and refresh. The fragrance includes lavender, sage, petit grain, rosemary, helichrysum italicum, horse chestnut and cypress. This fragrance is amazing when added to the bath. Alternatively, soak a towel in warm water with a splash of Phyto-Bain and cover your face to help de-stress or refresh if you have a cold. This invigorating phytoaromatic concentrate can also be used with a friction glove in the shower. This is one of the greatest, soothing fragrances and products I have ever come across.

Balneo-Sel (Bath Salt) uses Guerande sea salt, brown algae, green algae and eucalyptus to remineralize and relax the body. Use these salts in the tub for a rejuvenating bath.

Huile Corps (Body Oil) is a vitamin enriched aromatic oil with essential oils to nourish, enliven and shape all body contours. This oil incorporates hazelnut oil, vitamin E, lavender, sage, petit grain, rosemary and helichrysum italicum. Use daily on slightly wet skin after shower or bath. This oil nourishes, silkens and firms skin while replenishing dry and damaged skin. Its delicate aromas enliven body and mind. This oil is not greasy and absorbs immediately into the skin for a silky smooth feel. The fragrance is not overwhelming or long lasting, which I personally, really like.

The mystery box also included samples of their Phyto-Gel Exfoliant and Laits Corps (Body Lotion).

The Phyto-Gel Exfoliant with diatom and jojoba pearls exfoliate, smooth and cleanse. This scrub leaves your skin as silky-soft as a peach, while its subtle and natural scent invigorates your body.

The Laits Corps (Body Lotion) uses ginseng extracts to hydrate, nourish and silken all body contours. Use daily after shower or bath. This moisturizer absorbs easily into the skin and is not heavy or greasy. Like the oil, it is not overly fragranced, which I personally prefer.

I have yet to really try a lot of these products and I'll work on that in the coming days. Our initial reaction is fantastic and this is one of the most stunning gift sets we've ever seen. We'd like to know what you think. Do you like Yonka products? Would you like to see products like these in our shop? We want to hear from you. Please comment below or email us at

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Episode 2 Diffusers

In this episode we give an overview of the various diffuser lines we carry. Anthousa, Archipelago Botanicals, k. hall, Linari, Seda, Voluspa and Votivo diffusers are included.

Our 3 primary diffuser lines are Anthousa, k. hall and Linari. This lines are diffuser companies that also make candles. The other diffusers we stock are made by candles lines that also created diffusers. These lines are Archipelago Botanicals, Seda, Voluspa and Votivo.

All diffusers work the same way - the provide a constant fragrance as the bamboo reeds draw the fragrance up and it disperses into the air for fragrance. The fragrance oil in the vase gradually evaporates over time. To freshen the scent of a diffuser, if it grows too soft, simply flip the reeds in the vase so that the saturated half is exposed out the top of the vase and the dry half can soak up more oil. You can flip a few reeds every few days for a softer effect, or flip all the reeds everyday for a more intense fragrance or for a larger space. The more reeds you flip, and the more frequently you flip them, the faster the fragrance oil will evaporate.

Linari is our largest and most complex diffuser. These 500ml diffusers last 6 months to a year. Linari creates perfume and cosmetic grade fragrances that can actually be worn as perfume. Anthousa diffusers are a little less complex, but still very sophisticated. These fragrances have a scent more like a blend of essential and fragrance oils. Anthousa diffusers last 6-9 months. k. hall diffusers are the most simplistic in fragrance of all the diffusers we stock. The scent of a k. hall diffuser is most like raw essential oils. This is our most fragrant diffuser line and the only line that we carry that makes refills.

We also stock the Japanese Quince diffuser by Seda, as this is their best-selling fragrance. The Red Currant diffuser from Votivo is very pungent and Honeysuckle is their best floral. The Votivo Clean Crisp White diffuser is our best clean/fresh/linen fragrance. From Archipelago Botanicals we have Havana, Madagascar and Stonehenge. These fragrances are all very unique and slightly "musky". These are the most masculine diffusers we stock. Voluspa won the 2008 Best Off Main Award for Best Diffuser Line. Their decanters are beautiful and each fragrance has a unique color vase. We stock the Seasons Collection diffusers from Voluspa so the fragrances change in the Spring and Fall.

This content of this post is based on what we currently stock in our shop. Our inventory constantly changes as we adapt to your requests and response, so please check our website for our current selection at As always, please email us with any questions or post a comment on our blog. We love to hear from you!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Episode 1 Introduction

Finally! The first episode of our show, The Main Event, is online. On the show we will feature new candle and diffuser lines, new fragrances, product information and more. We want to hear from you! Please post your comments after the video to let us know what you think - what you like, what you'd like to see more, questions you have, and any other comments and suggestions you have to offer. Please bear with us. This is our first video, and as you'll see, we have a long way to go! So please check back to see our progress. Thank you.