Herve Gambs Bois de Cashmere - Seductive & Comforting

Sensual nature emphasized by subtle Hespiride notes. Soft harmony between jasmine and lavender elated with the sensual accord betweeen agarwood and vetiver.

photo from achrdeco.net

The Hervé Gambs Bois de Cashmere candle is an incredibly sensual and cozy fragrance all in one - two extremes merged perfectly together.  On the one hand, the sensual aspect comes across like "I'm going to seduce you slowly for hours" rather than "get ready to sweat". This is a great bedroom candle or for a romantic evening in front of a fire.

On the other hand, it makes me think of those super furry/fluffy white area rugs you find peeking out from under an over-sized bed that is drenched in a down comforter and overflowing with pillows.  You want to be cuddled in its comfort all day.  It also reminds me of the way my Mom used to smell when I was a little kid.  Like a fairy tale and care bear all in one.

It's a soft fragrance - not in strength - but in the way to scent it comes across.  Very smooth and relaxing.  Whether you're looking for romance or comfort, an Herve Gambs Bois de Cashmere candle is the perfect indulgence.