New Fragrances by Trapp: Yuzu & Bonsai, Pure Peony and Quince & Pomegranate

Earlier this year, Trapp launched 3 new fragrances: Yuzu & Bonsai, Pure Peony and Quince & Pomegranate.

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit, similar to a grapefruit. This fragrances has strong sweet accents and the yuzu comes across like a sticky, pink grapefruit that was sugared just prior to blending. There also seems to be some floral notes and other tropical fruits in this candle adding to the fruity sweetness. Trapp Yuzu & Bonsai comes across as being zen-like to most people.

Trapp Pure Peony is a soft, petally floral. This fresh, spring scent is perfect for anyone seeking a floral fragrance that isn't heavy or intense.

Trapp Quince & Pomegranate is a fresh, fruity blend. Quince is a small tree that grows in southwest Asia and grows fruit related to apples and pears. This tropical fruit is blended with tart pomegranate and notes of Asiatic Lilies. This bright, fruity blend works well anytime of year.

If you're looking for fun and fresh fragrances, be sure to give these a try!


  1. Being a big fan of fragrances I always like to smell and try out new ones of course by doing this I always go back to the ones that I LOVE. Keep posting!



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