The Main Event Episode 75 Our Favorite Candles

One of our Facebook Fans, Ryan Kelley, asked us to do a show on our favorite candles - so here it is!

My favorite scent in the whole store is Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach. Of everything we have to choose from, this has been my favorite for years. I love the deep, dark ebony mixed with juicy, fresh peach. I also love the sexy black wax. Since Voluspa candles are so long lasting and well priced, I can indulge in these luxurious candles often. Makassar Ebony & Peach is strong on it's own, but sometimes I really like to turn up the volume and burn a few Makassar Ebony candles at the same time, scattered around the room to really surround me. Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach is my go to candle, when I want something I know I can count on, that won't let me down in fragrance and that burns beautifully. Men and women love Voluspa Makassar Ebony & Peach and it's one of their best selling scents.

When I'm looking for a clean, fresh scent, I go to DayNa Decker. Their candles add an instant burst of scent to the room and the fragrances are crisp and direct. I use DayNa Decker candles when I want to freshen the air in the house, such as after cooking fish or on a beautiful afternoon with the windows open to get rid of the stale air. I particularly love DayNa Decker Zelia as I'm partial to woody scents.

One of my fragrance addictions is with to Le Cherche Midi. The candles fill the room with most luxurious ambiance. I love Le Cherche Midi 20 when I want the cozy atmosphere of a den or library. It reminds me of comfy leather chairs surrounded with books and rich wood. I'm also addicted to the Le Cherche Midi 01 signature scent. It's described as an ocean/summer scent, but really it smells like cologne. Men and women love this scent. It's so rich and intense. I use the scent cube in my car but it would also work well in a closet.

When I'm looking for a spa experience from my candles to pamper and soothe me, I turn to Red Flower. Red Flower is all about slowing down, breathing and taking time to smell the flowers. I love to layer Red Flower candles because you can't go wrong - any combination works. I like to put Lavender in our family room for a relaxing scent, Blood Orange in our kitchen for a fresh scent, and Morrocan Rose in our foyer for a more sophisticated scent. The combination is lovely. Red Flower candles are beautiful when the burn because the wax is colorful and it melts to create a mesmerizing glow. Even though they are small in size, Red Flower candles last a long time - even the little candle lasts 15 hours and it's very fragrant.

Dave's favorite candle is Modern Alchemy Opium Den. He thinks it smells like amber but amber is more sweet like vanilla. I think it smells more smokey, like incense and tobacco. It's a cult favorite. I love the bold red wax and the red container. This is a great "guy" scent.

Dave also likes Voluspa French Bourbon Vanille. He likes to burn this a lot in the house. I am immediately taken by this scent when I come home to it. It's lovely. Neither of us are big fans of vanilla, but we both enjoy this one. It's a very delicate, sophisticated vanille. Men and women love this scent and it makes a great gift scent as it is so enjoyable and likable.

If you have any show suggestions please let us know. We love to hear from you and we're always looking for ideas.


  1. Awesome! I loved that video! Super helpful! I had a strong feeling Dave was going to go for a Modern Alchemy candle! Those are my favorites!!! Dia De Los Muertos is like an addiction to me! :) I am going to have to try the French Bourbon Vanille now and definitely feel compelled to buy the Dayna Decker Zelia candle. I love her Oppoponax scent and have one saved for a special day in my closet. Thanks for posting this! You guys are awesome!!

  2. I like the video very much. I am very fond of luxury candles. Candles are also used for decoration purpose.

  3. Well, I think the candles fill the room with most luxurious ambiance and has nice scent is one of the best idea it is also help for relaxing feeling.



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