The Main Event Episode 32 What We Love Now

With summer weather on the way, we're anxious for spring and summertime scents. In this episode we discuss the fragrances that are fantastic for early spring. Here are the scents we love now:

The Le Cherche Midi 01 candle is a beautiful scent that has notes of lemon, bergamot, lavender and night blooming jasmine. The combination reminds us of cologne. The scent is gorgeous cold and while burning. Le Cherche Midi is the most luxurious candle in the bunch.

The Soleil candle is a brand new fragrance for the Seasons Collection by Voluspa and it's already been a huge hit. Soleil blends pineapple, coconut, organic tangerine and vanilla. Soleil is available in a 10oz candlepot, 5oz jar, 3-wick tin and diffuser.

DayNa Decker's Leila candle is a great scent for spring and summer and it's our best-selling DayNa Decker chandel. This is another fresh, citrus scent that is grounded with light musk. If you haven't tried a DayNa Decker Botanika candle, we highly recommend it! Leila is available in 60z and 3oz sizes.

Nest candles provide a burst of fragrance to waken any stale, pent-up home. We love this Grapefruit fragrance for spring. It's balance between zesty and floral and it's very strong.

The Anthousa de Gournay Jardinieres & Citrus Trees Diffuser is a limited addition fragrance from Anthousa that just arrived! We love this scent. Think citrus, but more in a fresh way than zesty. It's also well grounded with woodsy undertones. This scent is perfect for spring in summer and would work well in a foyer, kitchen, powder room or to make your guest room a special place to stay.