The Main Event Episode 13 k. hall Overview

k. hall is one of our favorite lines. Imagine a gorgeous farm house, in the middle of the country, with clear blue skies, sunshine, slight breeze, clothes drying on the line and babies running around in diapers - that is how pure and wholesome k. hall is. (They actually just adopted twins in need of a good home - doesn't get more wholesome than that.)

k. hall products are based in essential oils so the scents are simple, pure and natural. Milk is their best selling scent, but they are all fantastic. The diffusers last approximately 6 months and are the strongest scented diffusers that we currently sell. The candles are 100% vegetable wax and they last approximately 60 hours. k. hall makes very large, triple-milled bar soap that is made with shea butter and olive oil. It's very moisturizing but washes off clean with no filmy residue. The sisal soap bag fits the bar soap perfectly and works well to exfoliate without being scratchy. k. hall just launched a new soap that is egg-shaped with flecks of coffee grounds which makes is slightly exfoliating. The sea sponges are real, from the sea, and they get very soft and soggy with water in the bath or shower.

We're hoping to get their hand soap and lotion, as well as their new Cotton line, in stock soon. Please let us know if you have a favorite k. hall product or scent!