Sunday, February 19, 2017

Behind the Scent: White Camellia by NEST Fragrances

    Behind the Scent: White Camellia by NEST Fragrances

    NEW from NEST Fragrances, White Camellia is a beautiful white floral bouquet. This lovely new home fragrance features fresh camellia, wisteria, and Indonesian jasmine.  Intermingled with crisp notes of white tea and amber, the fragrance is simply breathtaking.
    NEW from NEST White Camellia
    From NEST Fragrances:
    NEST Founder Laura Slatkin describes her new fragrance as “the perfect balance between vintage beauty and modern sophistication.”  The fragrance concept for White Camellia came to Laura Slatkin while attending a fashion exhibit at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.  She was captivated by the beauty of a wedding dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. It was adorned from top to hem in intricately handcrafted artificial flowers known in classic French couture as parurier floral.  Inspired by this elegant work of art, White Camellia was developed with careful attention to detail. Just like all NEST Fragrances, this new scent is certain to fill any home with a luxurious bouquet of fragrance.
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    Blue Agave Featuring Tart Lime is NEW From Linnea’s Lights!

      Blue Agave Featuring Tart Lime is NEW From Linnea’s Lights!

      They’re here! The release of new home fragrance from Linnea’s Lights is always a moment to celebrate! There are few other boutique candle lines that have such unique fragrance creations.
      It is also hard to find truly pure soy candles that are also incredibly fragrant, since soy wax often doesn’t hold fragrance as well as paraffin waxes.  Still, Linnea’s Lights always provides a fragrant experience for the senses with their complex candles fragrances.

      Escape to the Sea! Ocean 
      has returned again this year as a popular Spring and Summer scent. With notes of salty sea air, rain, and water lily, Ocean provides a clean and fresh scent. Truly a breath of fresh air with light floral notes.
      Linnea’s Lights introduced two new fragrances this Spring: Blue Agave and Linden.
      I love Blue Agave for this time of year; the perfect balance of green, floral, and airy. Notes of water lily create a light floral scent and the greenness of cactus and agave bring some earthy components to the fragrance. Add a twist of lime and you’ve got a perfect, slightly exotic, escape from the chilly winter air that is holding on.
      Though, in February it may seem a little too early in the year for floral fragrances (especially in parts of the country where winter is still in charge) Linden is the perfect fragrance for someone wanting a soft and gentle floral fragrance. Linden blossom creates a light floral, slightly honeyed fragrance, while neroli adds in a little citrus. White patchouli mellows the linden and neroli.
      If you are looking to try a new fragrance or candle line, I highly recommend exploring Linnea’s Lights. These newest scents from Linnea’s Lights have definitely been on par with the quality and complexity of scents from this Indiana based brand. Pure sophistication with long-lasting fragrance to fill a room– check out Linnea’s Lights today.
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      Thursday, January 19, 2017

      Leather, Tobacco! Indulge with NEST Cashmere Suede

      One of the newest fragrances from NEST Fragrances, and also perfect for the chilly winter months, is Cashmere Suede. Prior to its introduction, the NEST home fragrance collection was in need of a hearty wood fragrance, and Cashmere Suede definitely fills that void.
      Cashmere Suede
      Of course, NEST does floral SO well. But we’re happy to see such a bold, woody scent from NEST. Warmth is what Cashmere Suede exudes with notes of cashmere woods, tobacco leaves, and black amber. Bergamot and fig provide a slight hint of brightness to balance out the woody notes. Cashmere Suede is such a unique and complex fragrance — that will keep you intrigued long after you have first lit it. As always, NEST has delivered! Ask for a free scent sample from Candles Off Main. Shop all NEST scents at

      Thursday, January 5, 2017

      Voluspa Favorites for Winter!

      Voluspa has re-introduced a true fan favorite! Japanese Plum Bloom is back and encompasses the perfect balance of sweet, floral notes with just a little zest added by a hint of currant. If you’re a long-time Voluspa fan, you’ll remember how popular JPB (as it was called) was in the past. The scent itself is soft and whispering as not to overpower, but enough to intrigue the imagination of whimsical places only found in a dream.
      This fragrance is perfect for anyone who prefers floral, sweet overtones with a hint of fruitiness, but does not want an overwhelming scent. Elegantly displayed in jars with a lilac mercury glass finish or tins with a subtle extravagance of pale lilac and rich magentas. It is, in a word, majestic.
      If you’re looking to find the decadence of tart, citrus scents combined with warm, earthy notes, look no more! Voluspa’s NEW Persimmon & Copal will take you away to the spicy, South American heat with a pale shadow of rose to calm your senses.
      This fragrance is beautifully encased in a simmering coral mercury glass jars or tins with fiery, exotic designs of varying pinks and copper. Each candle (or mini diffuser) is sure to warm your home with a breath of citrus and a subtle creamy, resin finish as you drift to lands far away.
      As always, we’re never disappointed with anything from Voluspa. Treat yourself to one (or both) of these luxurious new home fragrances today!