Sunday, November 15, 2009

Layering Fragrances with Red Flower Candles

We have a cabinet in our house that is stocked full with candles. Each night we pick a new fragrance to enjoy based on the weather and the level of energy in the house. Sometimes, if I'm really crazy about a scent (like Voluspa's Makassar Ebony & Peach) I'll place a few candles in the same scent around the room to surround myself in the fragrance. Today, I decided to mix things up a bit and layer fragrances.

One of my favorite candle lines for layering is Red Flower. The scents are true, simple and pure and work well together. Burning one Red Flower candle will give you the effect of lying in a field of that particular flower (like lavender). Burning a few different Red Flower candles at a time feels like you have a bouquet of flowers in the room, all the scents intermingling. It's very lovely.

You really can't go wrong when selecting scents for layering with Red Flower candles. I chose Italian Blood Orange for a fresh, clean scent in the kitchen. French Lavender for a relaxing scent in the family room. And Spanish Gardenia for a more formal fragrance in the front hallway. Like most houses, ours has an open floor plan, so the scents softly blend to each room and yet when walking through the house I can detect the specific scent in each room.

A really fun way to layer is by selecting the same fragrance by different candle lines. I love to pick all of the tree fragrance candles out of my cabinet and put a different one in each room the day we bring our Christmas Tree home for the holidays. It's the most fabulous winterland effect detecting all the different species of trees as you wander through the house.

Do you layer fragrances? If so, what are your favorite blends?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Main Event Episode 62 K. Hall Nag Champa

Nag Champa by K. Hall has a very heavy, earthy, grungy scent. Nag Champa is the original incense fragrance, so when many people ask generically for "incense", they are looking for this scent. Nag Champa by K. Hall is available in a 100% vegetable wax candle that lasts 60 hours and burns very cleanly and fragrantly. The K. Hall Nag Champa diffuser comes complete with vase, 8oz of fragrance oil and absorbant reeds and lasts approximately 6 months. K. Hall also offers an 8oz refill bottle of fragrance oil.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bachelorette Jillian Harris Pimps Her Pad with Traci Arnsten from Voluspa

Watch Traci Arnsten, Co-Founder of Voluspa, decorate the ultimate bachelorette pad for Jillian Harris with scents and style on E! News. Traci used room sprays to spritz on the throws to make them more personal. She also used candles from the Voluspa Seasons Collection to inject beauty and ambiance into her home. She used my favorite scent, Makassar Ebony and Peach, and one of the newest scents in the Seasons Collection, Panjore Lychee, for a juicy scent. The result is gorgeous and so chic!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Main Event Episode 61 Colette Candles

Colette Candles introduces eco-chic candles in 14 amazing scents. All of her candles are hand-poured 100% soy wax and use an all cotton wick. The candles are packaged in a hat-box like container for easy gift-giving. Colette 10oz candles last for approximately 60 hours. The French Fig candle she sent has nice wood undertones. This blend of fig & creme de cassis offers a nice balance.

Colette also offers fragrance diffusers in 6 scents made with cosmetic grade fragrance oils. This eco-oriented business utilizes 99% recycled glass for their vase and simple packaging to be earth friendly.

If your looking for a gift, Colette Candles offers gift sets with 2 or 4 votive candle packaged in an attractive tube and donned with gorgeous ribbon. Complete with matches, this votive set makes a perfect gift.

If you've tried Colette Candles or have any feedback from us, we'd love to hear from you. You can post a comment on this blog, comment on our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Us or send us an email.

You can find Colette Candles at or on Twitter as colettecandles.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Main Event Episode 60 Tocca Summer Scents

Each summer Tocca used to launch a summer fragrance. They skipped this year, so we thought we'd give an overview of all the Tocca Summer scents.

Tahiti has a taire flower fragrance that comes across as a sweet floral. The coconut comes through as vanilla.

Portofino has a wintersweet scent that comes across as a light, feminine floral with a hint of lily.

Montauk has a fresh bamboo sea grass scent with a hint of mint for a light, summer scent.

Bali is a slightly sweet floral with hints of vanilla and gardenia.

Isabella has a fresh watermelon scent. Not too sweet, more like when you snap the rind of a watermelon and get that fresh, watery, slighly sweet scent.

Question of the Day: Where is your favorite summer escape?

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Main Event Episode 59 Archipelago Botanicals Signature Diffusers

We love the Signature series diffusers by Archipelago Botanicals. They are a great value at just $35 each for an 8oz diffuser that will provide several months of fragrance. These diffusers are available in all of the Signature Collection scents by Archipelago. Refills are also available for just $22 each. Some of the fragrances are stronger than others. Pineapple Ginger is a best seller for us and it's very fragrant.

Question of the Day: What exciting place did you visit last weekend?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Red Flower Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub

Even though there are so many body scrubs available on the market, this one really stands out for me. Why? First: the scent. It smells like fresh brewed coffee. Odd, unusual, unexpecting and so refreshing. The fragrance is an instant eye opener and a fun reprieve from the everyday scrub scents. Second: it makes your legs look great! Sure, most scrubs will make your skin soft and smooth, but this is the only scrub I've tried that makes you legs look better. Can't beat that. The coffee in the scrub is a vasoconstrictor - tightening and shrinking blood vessels helping to reduce the appearance of varicose veins. If that isn't great enough, consider that coffee applied topically helps to redistribute fat cells and decrease the formation of cellulite. What more could a girl want? This is definitely a must have for any summer-time beauty bath.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Main Event Episode 58 Infusion Organique

Infusion Organic sent us some samples to try and they are gorgeous! Infusion Organique uses sustainable and organic ingredients whenever possible in creating all of their products. Ron Chavers (the manufacturer for Apothia candles, Archipelago Botanicals candles, Kai and Pacifica candles) is one of the founders of Infusion Organic. The other two founders are French sisters - one blends the fragrances and the other does all the graphic design work. Together they formed a strong trio to create Infusion Organique.

There are currently three fragrances available: Budda's Fig (fig, lemongrass oil, rose geranium, wood and amber), Sands of Morocco (sandalwood, oakmoss, lemongrass oil and ylang-ylang) and Indochine (kumquat, peach, water lily, jasmine, muguet, vanilla, grapefruit extract, orange and ylang-ylang). All 3 fragrances are available in diffusers, candles, room sprays, eau de parfum, hand soap and lotion.

We conducted a burn test in the store and the candle burned! Clean, fragrant and even. Our customers raved about the scent throughout the day.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Main Event Episode 57 K. Hall Bar Soap

We love K. Hall bar soap and we're so happy to have it back in stock! (They had thousands of bars of soap wash away in a flood last fall.) These triple-milled, oversized bars are made with shea butter and olive oil to be super moisturizing. K. Hall bar soaps are available at

Question of the Day: What brand of bar soap do you use?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Main Event Episode 56 Voluspa Mini Japonica Diffusers

These adorable mini diffusers are a fantastic addition to the Japonica Collection by Voluspa. Mini diffusers make great hostess gifts, work well in small rooms or powder rooms and they are also a great way to try a new scent. The Voluspa mini diffusers are available all 7 Japonica fragrances:
Baltic Amber: amber resin, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla bloom
Burmese Rosewood: burmese rosewood, palisander bark and tonka bean
French Cade & Lavender: French cade wood, lavender bulgaria, verbena and moss
Champaca Bloom & Fern: champaca blooms, fresh fern leaf, muget and gardenia
Santiago Huckleberry: huckleberry, vanilla pods and sugar cane
Capri Fig Frangipani: sweet rose petal, tart fig and white frangipani
These 3.4oz diffusers last approximately 2-4 months.
Question of the Day: What is your favorite Voluspa fragrance?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Main Event Episode 55 Aroma M Perfume

Aroma M is an artisan perfumer that was established in 1995 by Maria McElroy, an American born painter who transferred her color and texture blending talents to the art of fragrance blending. She study aromatherapy and spent seven years in Japan to become an expert in essential oils and incense. Her contemporary fragrances are based on Geisha sensibility and the subtleties of Japanese incense.

Aroma M uses unexpected fragrance combinations such as lychee and rose and her fragrances are gender neutral. Maria designs her fragrances not only smell beautiful, but also to enhance the mind and soul by relieving daily stress and promote composure and well being.

Aroma M has been featured in the NY Times, In Style, Oprah and Elle magazines, as well as the Today Show. These unique perfumes are sold throughout the US, Europe and China.

Aroma M offers five Geisha Eau de Parfum fragrances that are packaged in kimono style bags. The beautiful flacons are wrapped in Yuzen papers with intricate detail.

O-cha is a blend of green tea, fresh orange and bois de rose of vanilla. This perfume promotes self-awareness and balance.

Hana-cha is a blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and cedar. This perfume promotes focus, combats shyness, banishes worry and is an aphrodisiac.

Nobara-cha is a blend of wild roses, geranium and amber. It combats stress, clears the mind, and releases inhibitions.

Geisha Noire is a blend of amber and tonka bean. This perfume combats stress, clears your mind and assists in meditation and prayer.

Geisha Blanche is a blend of white flowers. It is feminine and sensual.

Aroma M also has 8 Geisha roll-on perfume oils named in the scent-appropriate color. The glass tubes are wrapped in Yuzen papers handcrafted in Kyoto.

Geisha Pink is a blend of sugared plum, orange and vanilla to recharge.

Geisha Marron is a blend of muguet, magnolia, chestnut blossom, mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit.

Geisha Violet is a blend of violet, lilac, lotus and bitter chocolate for a youthful feeling.

Geisha Green is a blend of absinthe, black currant, mandarin, violet, amber and tonka bean. Absinthe is an aphrodisiac and creativity enhancer.

Geisha Rouge is a blend of tonka bean, tobacco, vanilla, cinnamon, star anise, clove and sandalwood to promote sensuality.

Geisha Blue is a blend of blue chamomile, green tea, leafy greens and jasmine for balance.

Geisha Noire and Geisha Blanche fragrances are also available in roll-on.

Aroma M can be found on Twitter at and at

Monday, June 29, 2009

Voluspa Floraison Eau de Parfum

Fresh for summer. Fun & sexy for you. These Voluspa Eau de Parfum fragrances come in a 1oz bottle that slips into a gorgeous silk pouch. Perfect for your purse. At $18 each, perfect for your wallet too!

Voluspa Cocoa Tamarind Eau de Parfum is a blend of bitter cocoa, Mexican tamarind, sweet orange, gardenia, clove bud, and vanilla musk.

Voluspa Enfleurage Eau de Parfum is a blend petals of heliotrope, magnolia, white rose, lavender, vanilla bean, cucumber and rosewood.

Voluspa Jasmine Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum is a blend pure jasmine absolute, warm brown sugar, pink freesia, madagascar vanilla and nag champa.

Voluspa Linden Blond Tabac Eau de Parfum is a blend of white linden UK, blond tabac absolute, fresh cut tuberose, red grapefruit, and tonka bean.

Voluspa Mignonette Eau de Parfum is a blend of mignonette blooms, lavender Bulgaria, raspberry and tangerine leaves, vanilla flower, almond milk, rosewood and white talc.

Voluspa Mimosa Martini Eau de Parfum is a blend of mimosa flower petals, fresh Italian lime, chilled watermelon martini, Japanese quince, vanilla resin, and white lily.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Main Event Episode 54 Citronella

There are many options on how to keep the bugs away this summer. Here are a few to try:
Citronella tealights and votives are handy because they can be used in standard tealight and votive holders to spread the fragrance around the area for bug protection. Citronella pillars are a nice alternative to make summer candle displays functional as well.

Antica Farmacista has a new fragrance, Blades of Grass. While it does contain citronella oil, it seems it would be the least effective as a bug repellent.

Lampe Berger has a new fragrance, Summer Night. It is the same scent as Ocean Breeze (a fruity cocktail blended with the freshness of grapefruit, embellished by a warm and lingering trail of precious wood) but it also contains a bug repellent. According to the bottle, Summer Night will provide 100% elimination of bugs for an 8 hour period after 30 minutes of use. That's a strong statement. In all fairness, it would depend on where you use it - in a small room with no doors or windows open or outdoors on your patio. Even though the statement seem over ambitious, we do think this would be the most effective option for outside bug elimination.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite way to remove mosquitoes?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Main Event Episode 53 Beau Bain Bath Bombs

Soak in the tub with one of these Beau Bain Bath Bombs and you skin will thank you. Skin is perfectly moisturized. Body is perfectly balanced. Feel relaxed and revived. Our only warning, these are extremely addicting! Be sure to buy more than one. Many more...

Rainbow Sherbet is a fun scent with orange, grapefruit, apple, peach and loganberry to awaken and enliven. This is a great one for kids!

Spearmint Eucalyptus is a blend of spearmint, eucalyptus, lavender and citrus peels. Men love this scent.

Pear Bamboo is a blend of bamboo, nutmeg, lime, and tarragon to relax and inspire you.

One of my favorite fragrances in our entire store is Beau Bain's Coconut Lemongrass. It's absolutely amazing! Coconut Lemongrass is a blend of lemongrass, peach, sandalwood and lily of the valley for a sensuous and warming effect. I'm completely addicted to this scent.

Lavender & Black Amber is a blend of black amber, French lavender and a hint of patchouli for a cozy, comforting scent. This bomb is great for men & women.

White Tea & Ginger is a blend of white tea, white pepper, artemisia, ginger, sandalwood, nutmeg and musk for a sense of relaxation and well-being for both body and mind. This is a great scent for men or women.

Toss a bath bomb in the tub and watch it fizzle. Your body relaxes. Your skin softens. You are rejuvenated. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Main Event Episode 52 Voluspa Floraison Eau de Parfum

Voluspa Floraison Eau de Parfum 1oz sprays are available in 6 fun and fantastic fragrances. They slip into a beautiful silk pouch and are so nice and small, they tuck easily into your purse and are great for travel.

Cocoa Tamarind is a blend of bitter cocoa, Mexican tamarind, sweet orange, gardenia, clove bud, and vanilla musk.

Linden Blond Tabac is a blend of white linden UK, blond tabac absolute, fresh cut tuberose, red grapefruit, and tonka bean.

Enfleurage is a blend petals of heliotrope, magnolia, white rose, lavender, vanilla bean, cucumber and rosewood.

Jasmine Brown Sugar a blend pure jasmine absolute, warm brown sugar, pink freesia, madagascar vanilla and nag champa.

Mimosa Martini Eau de Parfum is a blend of mimosa flower petals, fresh Italian lime, chilled watermelon martini, Japanese quince, vanilla resin, and white lily.

Question of the Day: If you carry perfume in your purse, is it solid, roll-on or spray perfume?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Main Event Episode 51 Le Cherche Midi Scent Cube

The Le Cherche Midi scent cube (fragrance diffuser) uses a special type of wood that has a unique absorbing quality. The dowel inside the cube soaks up the fragrance oil where it is absorbed into the wooden block to distribute the scent. These discreet scent cubes work best in smaller spaces like dressing rooms, offices and powder rooms. Le Cherche Midi scent cubes provide a constant fragrance like a regular fragrance diffuser, but they don’t have reeds or spill so they can also be used in cars, around kids and cats and for travel. Le Cherche Midi scent cubes are packaged in a reusable, silk-lined, recyclable wood box. This diffuser provides approximately 4-6 weeks of scented bliss.

01 is the signature fragrance for Le Cherche Midi. It brings to life a tranquil ocean-side retreat where swaying beach grass, sun-dried driftwood, and summer herbs stir thoughts of sunset walks with family and friends. This candle has notes of Sicilian bergamot, freesia, lavender, white amber, sand musk, mint, driftwood and night blooming jasmine.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Main Event Episode 50 Vie Luxe Candles

The fragrances in the Voyage Collection by Vie Luxe were inspired from the fond memories of Marjorie Gubelmanns' favorite places.

Our favorite is Maldives - a blend of ceylon tea, heliotrope and palm leaves. It's a great summer scent and provides a great background fragrance when entertaining.

Cote D'azur is similar but more floral with white lily, water hyacinth, freesia, rose and French verbena.

Buenos Aires is a blend of jasmine, ceibo petals, ombu leaves and white pepper. If you liked the Slatkin Bamboo & Jasmine candle you will love the Vie Luxe Buenos Aires candle.

Palm Beach is similar to Buenos Aires and is a blend of night blooming jasmine, frangipani, orange blossom and ylang ylang.

All of the Vie Luxe candles are a blend of beeswax and palm wax. These 8oz candles last approximately 60 hours and are poured in nickel-finished glass.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Main Event Episode 49 Antica Farmacista Diffusers

Antica Farmacista diffusers arrived! We love these Mediterranean inspired fragrances. We brought in the demi size and a few of the petite size in stock.

The Aqua/Water diffuser has a nice, fresh, slightly citrus scent. It's is not ocean-side/salty like Anthousa's Okeanos. It's more simple, crisp and clean. A slightly soft scent. The fragrance is tinted blue which causes the white reeds to tint soft blue as well.

Magnolia, Orchid & Mimosa has a strong floral fragrance - the Magnolia is the most prominent scent. This is a very feminine, strong fragrance.

The Antica Farmacista Green Fig diffuser has a nice, woody fig scent. It's not sweet or overly green like some fig scents. This is a great unisex scent.

Pompelmo/Grapefruit smells just like when you peel a grapefruit and the zest sprays out. It's very simple, clean and vibrant. Great for a bathroom or kitchen.

The Antica Farmacista Champagne diffuser is their signature scent. This does smell like bubbly champagne and slightly citrus with a hint of sweet vanilla. A great year-round, unique fragrance.

Blades of Grass is a new fragrance for Antica Farmacista. It's a great version on grass because it isn't overly sweet. It's a great summer scent and it has a touch of citronella which could possibly keep bugs at bay.

We haven't come across an Antica Farmacista fragrance we didn't like! If there is an Antica Farmacista product or fragrance that you are interested in, but we don't have in stock yet, please let us know! We can order any Antica Farmacista product for you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Main Event Episode 48 What's Hot Now? 5/10/09

What's Hot Now? This episode covers the best selling fragrance for the week of 5/10/09 at Candles Off Main in historic downtown Annapolis, Maryland and at to give you inspiration on new fragrances to try.

1. Lampe Berger Amber Powder fragrance oil - removes odors
2. Way Out Wax Clean Air candle - removes odors
3. Trapp Fresh Cut Tuberose candle
4. Votivo Sumatra Lemongrass candle
5. Red Flower French Lavender candle

Question of the Day: What do you think will be the best-selling fragrance this week? Post your response here or on Twitter at or on our Facebook fan page at

If you have a suggestion for a show, please let us know! We're always looking for inspiration.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Main Event Episode 47 DayNa Decker Diffusers

DayNa Decker created beautiful diffusers to compliment the chandels in their Botanika Collection. The diffusers use the same hand-blown, green glass as the candle for a chic, sophisticated look. Packed with 20 rich brown reed sticks to diffuser the botanical oils, the overall look is stunning and effective. Large in scale, these diffusers will last approximately 6 months, though we guess longer than that. DayNa Decker offers diffusers in all their Botanika fragrances. We currently have Zelia, Sierra and Leila in stock, but can order and DayNa Decker Botanika fragrance if you are interested.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Main Event Episode 46 Best Sellers

We thought we'd do a show on what people love. Here's a list of the top selling candles. Most of these candles are not only our best-sellers, but the best selling candles nationwide.

Tocca Grace - a gorgeous, and very fragrant, Casablanca lily scent.

Nest Bamboo - Slatkin's are know for their jasmine. Harry Slatkin had a national best selling candle, Bamboo & Jasmine, with his Slatkin & Co Classic Collection candle line. Now Laura Slatkin is setting records with Nest Fragrances Bamboo candle. This candle is available in a single wick, votive size and 3-wick candle.

The Seda France Japanese Quince is a popular scent. It's regularly featured on the Oprah Show and it's Colin Cowie's favorite fragrance. We currently have Japanese Quince in the Pagoda candle and diffuser.

Votivo Red Currant is one of the best selling candles available on the market. Red Currant is available in incense, diffuser, hand soap, hand lotion and candle.

Santiago Huckleberry is one of the best selling fragrances by Voluspa. On-line it is our best-selling Voluspa scent, but in store Baltic Amber and Makassar Ebony & Peach do well.

Trapp Orange Vanilla is one of the most popular candles nationwide. We have Trapp Orange Vanilla in a 5oz candle, diffuser, votive candle and room spray.

Milk is the best selling scent for k. hall. The name is deceiving, it actually smells like vanilla. Think more cookies than milk. We have Milk in the 100% vegetable wax candle, diffuser, diffuser refill, bar soap, egg soap and hand lotion.

The Rigaud Cypres candle is a classic. It's been a top seller for Rigaud since it's creation over 100 years ago. We have Rigaud Cypres in the mini, demi and standard candle sizes.

Every candle line has it's stand-out fragrance. These fragrances are tops in their lines. If you're looking for a gift and you're not sure what to get, try one of these!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Main Event Episode 45 Ana Design Striped Taper Candles

Ana Designs created the first striped taper over 15 years ago. They've graced the O List and many exquisite homes across the country over the years. Frank Weeden, Founder and Creative Director, for Ana Design stopped by to visit our shop yesterday so we thought we'd feature Ana Design striped taper candles on our show today! We're hoping to tape a show at his factory in Trenton, NJ sometime this summer.

QOTD: What two colors do you think would look good in an Ana Design striped taper candle?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Main Event Episode 44 Tocca Cleopatra Eau de Parfum

Tocca drew from their most popular candle scents and added fragrance notes to create perfumes that are beautiful, feminine and quintessentially Tocca. The first four perfumes for Tocca were inspired from their Cleopatra, Florence, Stella and Touch fragrances. While the perfumes are similar to the candle scent, they are not a perfect match since the fragrances have been adapted to make a well-balanced perfume fragrance.

Perfumes are made up of three notes. The top note is the initial fragrance you notice and the first to evaporate. Tocca Cleopatra Eau de Parfum has top notes of grapefruit and lush greens. The second note is the middle or heart note which is the core of the fragrance. The Cleopatra perfume has middle notes of white jasmine and tuberose. The bottom or base note is the longest lasting portion of the scent that grounds the overall fragrance. Tocca Cleopatra parfum has a base notes of warm patchouli, golden amber and rich vanilla musk. The overall effect of this Cleopatra perfum is stunning. It's feminine but well balanced and our most requested perfume.

Tocca later launched Brigitte and will soon launch Giulietta. We will grow our Tocca perfume selection based on request, so if you have a Tocca fragrance that you would love to see in stock, please let us know!

QOTD: What is your favorite Tocca perfume or Tocca product?

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Main Event Episode 43 Beth Terry Fragrances

Beth Terry from Creative Universe sent us two samples of her perfume: Element of Desire and Vita. Beth Terry was the first to create a green tea perfume back in 1995 and it was an instant sell-out at Barney's in New York.

As a child she would watch her grandfather steep tea. As she saw the clear water change to freshly scented water, she was inspired to create tea infused perfume. She is a self-taught perfumer. She now has five fragrances in her collection including Te, Element of Surprise and her best-selling scent, Mare.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Main Event Episode 42 Nest Candles

Nest Fragrances recently launched new votive candles in 10 fragrances. We have Bamboo (jasmine) votive candles, Nest Orange Blossom votive candle and the Grapefruit scented votive candles in stock.

The 2.4oz scented votive candles last approximately 20 hours and are poured in frosted glass, straight-sided containers with the word NEST and random N's printed around the side. These votive candles are perfect small gifts and are also a great way to try new fragrances. Nest Fragrances are highly scented candles and they burn beautifully.

Laura Slatkin's Holiday candle was our best-selling Holiday candle in 2008 - the first year they launched. Nest Fragrances was just nominated for two Fifi Awards (the fragrance equivalent of the Oscars). Nest was nominated for Best Interior Scent for both the Everyday Collection and the Holiday Collection.

We are currently offering a free gift with purchase promotion. When you purchase at least $60 worth of Nest Fragrances candles you'll receive a free Nest votive candle. Offer valid while supplies last. Fragrances vary.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Main Event Episode 41 Beau Bain

Beau Bain sent us some gorgeous bath and body products to review. They make beautiful bath bombs, body creme, sugar scrubs and salt scrubs. They select ingredients that not only smell fantastic (and they do!), but that are also beneficial to your skin. Their bath bombs include oils, vitamins, clay, dead sea salts and other ingredients to leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. The quality of the products and the packaging is excellent. The lotion is very creamy and moisturizing and the fragrance is VERY long lasting. It's a very silky, soft moisturizer - not too thick, heavy or overdone. Sometimes body creams are too overwhelming for me, but this one seems like it would be like slipping into a silk robe after a nice bath. It would make tan arms or legs look stunning.

We had a chance to try the bath bombs after the show, and quite honestly, they are absolutely amazing! Beau Bain's Coconut Lemongrass fragrance is one of my favorites in our entire store. I can't get enough of it. Soak in the tub with one of these Beau Bain Bath Bombs and you body will thank you. Skin is perfectly moisturized. Body is perfectly balanced. Feel relaxed and revived. Our only warning, these are extremely addicting! Be sure to buy more than one. Many, many more...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Main Event Episode 40 Water & Ocean Candles

Since there are so many water and ocean scents to choose from we thought it would be fun to do a show comparing all the options. Some of the scents are more floral and some are more "salty". Some smell like tap water and others more like linen. Watch the video and see what you like! We didn't select any diffusers or Lampe Berger fragrance oils for this show that have an ocean scent but we do have a few in stock.

Here's what we took a look at:
Red Flower Ocean: red mangrove, bay lavender, beach morning glory and bay laurel leaf. This candle actually smells like Noxima. It comes across as more of a eucalyptus/spa-like scent than ocean. It's a beautiful and refreshing scent, but the least like the actual ocean. Vegetable wax. Large: 45-50 hours $34. Small: 15 hours $12.

Anthousa Okeanos: sea grass, cactus water, lime leaves, green clover blend and ozonic sea notes. The Anthousa Okeanos candle smells much more salty than the diffuser. It smells a lot like the ocean. Soft and delicate with a pale blue wax in a beautiful, seaglass-like, hand-cut tumbler. Vegetable wax. 40 hours $38

Voluspa Del Mar: crisp kelp and sweet ocean air. This candle smells a lot like the ocean and the reusable, apothecary jar is nice. This is a favorite ocean scent in the shop by most of our customers. Food & cosmetic grade paraffin wax. 40 hours $19

Archipelago Botanicals Pacifica: ylang-ylang, cedar and sea greens. This is a nice, soft ocean scent. Slightly floral. Soy wax. 60 hours $25

Paddywax Mediterranean Rosemary & Citrus: rosemary, grapefruit, amber. This is a very soft, summer-like scent. Not extremely ocean, but does smell like water and the beach. This is a great "background" scent - it will not overwhelm a room. Soy wax. 50 hours $17

Jonathan Adler Shelter Island Ocean: ocean notes of sea moss, sand grains, sage, fir balsam. This is one of the candles that smells the most like the ocean and it's one of our best-selling ocean scents. Fine grade paraffin wax. 50 hours $38

Votivo White Ocean Sands: This is a new fragrance for Votivo. It's a very ocean/beachy scent. Slightly subtle when cold but Votivo tends to be highly fragrant. Paraffin wax. 50 hours $25

Votivo Mountain Springwater: This is a water scent that leans towards linen and slightly floral. It's a fresh clean scent. Paraffin wax. 50 hours $25

Trapp Water: fresh aquatic notes. This candle smells like tap water. If you're looking for a pure, just water scent, this is it. Paraffin wax. 40 hours $17

Trapp Ocean Marine: oceanic, aquatic notes, cassis. This fragrance has a lot more character than the Trapp water scent, but it's not quite ocean. It's more floral and "perfumy" than salty or beachy. Paraffin wax. 40 hours $17

All prices as of April 2009 and subject to change.

What's your favorite lake or ocean-side spot?

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Main Event Episode 39 DayNa Decker Viva Chandel

Viva is the newest fragrance by DayNa Decker. It's a blend of bergamot, lemon flower, carnation, rose, amber and sandalwood but it smells like a bouquet of Stargazer Lilies. It is very similar to the Tocca Grace candle that has a Casablanca Lily fragrance.

The 3oz chandel lasts approximately 25 hours while the 6oz DayNa Decker Viva candle lasts approximately 45 hours. All DayNa Decker candles are made with a wide wood wick that gives a hissing/crackling sound effect while burning to simulate a fireside ambiance.

All DayNa Decker secondary packaging is 80% post consumer waste and Sustainable Forestry Initiative approved. The candles are poured in hand-blown recyclable green glass. The Ecowood wick is made from organic, sustainable wood via a natural manufacturing process. DayNa Decker chandels are made with 10-15% pure essential oils and complex fragrance notes to highlight the base, middle and top notes of each scent.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Main Event Episode 38 Anthousa Okeanos

This limited edition Anthousa Okeanos reed diffuser is fantastic for summer! It's a blend of sea grass, cactus water, lime leaves, green clover blend and ozonic sea notes. The overall effect is a nice water/ocean scent but not too salty. We pick up a hint of a cucumber/melon note - perhaps that's the cactus water.

The Anthousa Okeanos candle is hand-poured in a hand-carved glass container that is reminiscent of sea glass. No two are alike. Anthousa candles are made with vegetable wax and this candle lasts approximately 40 hours.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Main Event Episode 37 Free Gift with Purchase

1 for Mom, 1 for You! Buy a gift for Mother's Day and received a gift for yourself!

When you purchase at least $60 in Voluspa products, you'll receive a free Voluspa votive candle.

Purchase a Le Cherche Midi candle and receive a free Le Cherche Midi travel tin.

When you buy a Linnea's Lights candle you'll receive a free 2oz Linnea's Lights travel tin.

Purchase an Anthousa diffuser and receive a free Anthousa votive candle.

When you buy at least $60 in red flower products, you'll receive a red flower italian blood orange soap.

Purchase at least $60 in Nest Fragrances and receive a free Nest votive candle.

Offer valid while supplies last. Limited quantities available so don't delay.

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Candles Off Main!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Main Event Episode 36 Voluspa Dahlia Orange Bloom

Dahlia Orange Bloom is one of the 4 new fragrances in the Voluspa Spring/Summer Seasons Collection. Dahlia Orange Bloom is a blend of clementine, Mexican neroli orange blossom, organic lemon peel from California and patchouli from Indonesia. The fragrance is very earthy/incense-y - not floral or citrus-y.

Voluspa's Dahlia Orange Blossom is available in many different shapes and sizes. The 10oz candlepot lasts 85 hours. The 5oz jar candle lasts 45 hours. The most popular size is the 3-wick tin that lasts 80 hours. The diffuser provides a constant fragrance for approximately 6 months.

QOTD: Do you have a fruit tree in your yard?

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Main Event Episode 35 Voluspa James Boyce Collection

Voluspa just launched a new collection in collaboration with 5-star restaurateur, James Boyce. These six amazing kitchen-inspired fragrances use unique natural and organic ingredients to both compliment the food in your kitchen and to remove cooking odors. The collection won "Best in Show" in Extracts at the NY International Gift Fair in January 2009. Each hand poured candle is made with organic apricot wax pioneered by Voluspa.

The first four fragrances were designed to remove cooking odors:

California Citrus is a delicate blend of satsuma tangerine and meyer lemon. This candle has a nice, fresh scent that is reminiscent but not quite as sweet as their Italian Tangelo candle.

Chef's Special is a delicate blend of heirloom tomato, celery and fennel bulb. This fragrance smells like a delicate vegetable garden - very fresh, light and clean.

Herb Garden is a delicate blend of black chanterelle and cardamon flower. This scent is like a soft, herb garden. Not heavy or spicy.

Spice Market is a delicate blend of cassia, ginger and ground clove. This is candle is a nice spice blend. This fragrance is a more delicate spice blend than their Clove Pommander that has a strong clove bite to it.

The following two fragrances are meant to be paired with food as wine:

Vintage is a delicate blend of brut champagne, almonds and oak. This scent smells like bubbly champagne that was made in an oak barrel. The combination is fantastic and it has been a huge hit. This scent was my favorite new fragrance at the NY Gift Fair in January 2009.

Sommelier is a delicate blend of ruby port, mission fig and star anise. This scent has the subtle hint of a mulled wine fragrance, but is slightly stronger in spice than wine.

The James Boyce Collection by Voluspa won "Best in Show" in Extracts at the NY International Gift Fair in January 2009. Each candle is housed is a beautiful glass jar and packaged in a wooden box reminiscent of a wine cask.